• Born about 1500 - Terceira, Açores
  • Deceased


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

source: @S20 a - p. 138, 138c

-- GEDCOM (INDI) --1 TITL Dona2 SOUR @S20 a - p. 138, 138c1 NAME Joanna Mendes de/Vasconcellos/2 TITL Dona3 SOUR @C10@2 ALIA Joana Mendes de/Vasconcelos/3 SOUR @C10@2 ALIA /Bettencourt/3 SOUR @C3446@3 SOUR @C3447@3 SOUR @C3448@2 TITL Dona3 SOUR @C3867@2 ALIA Joana Mendes de/Vasconcellos/3 SOUR @C3867@

-- GEDCOM (FAM) --1 MISC2 PLAC Terceira3 SOUR @C5604@3 SOUR @C5605@3 SOUR @C5606@3 SOUR @C5604@3 SOUR @C5605@3 SOUR @C5606@1 MARR2 PLAC Madeira3 SOUR @C5619@3 SOUR @C5620@3 SOUR @C5621@3 SOUR @C5622@3 SOUR @C5619@3 SOUR @C5620@3 SOUR @C5621@

Family Note

MISC: moved
mariage: second marriage (the Nobiliário de Terceira lists
this as the first marriage)
the ancestors of the Bettencourt de Vasconcellos (I) of the
Açores (Graçiosa and Terceira), the Bettencourt de Vasconcellos
e Lemos (when one of Francisco's descendants married one of his
brother Pedro's descendants), and the Bettencourt de
Vasconcellos Corrêa e Àvila families (source: @S20 a - p. 138, 138c, 146, 147, 151)

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 Family Tree Preview

Ruy Mendes de Vasconcellos ca 1470- Izabel Correa, Dona ca 1470-

Joanna Mendes de Vasconcellos, Dona ca 1500-