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 Pierre André

  • AUCLAIR 1738-1749, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Charlotte ROY DIT AUDY.
  • AUCLAIR †1832, son of Germain and Angélique MAROIS, married to Marie MOISAN in 1779.
  • BARNABÉ 1909-, son of Cyprien MARTIN DIT BARNABÉ and Valérie Priscille RENAUD.
  • BERGERON 1754-, son of Joseph and Geneviève BUSSIÈRE, married to Marie Louise GINGRAS in 1775.
  • BRIEN DIT DESROCHERS, son of François and Marguerite Louise LEMIRE, married to Geneviève SENÉCAL DIT LAFRAMBOISE in 1759.
  • CAPET 1740-1741, son of Pierre and Catherine LEFEBVRE DIT BOULANGER.
  • CHALIFOUR 1746-1746, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Geneviève MARCHET.
  • COUILLARD DIT DESPRÉS ET L'ISLOIS 1744-1744, son of Joseph and Marie Geneviève CARON.
  • FOURNIER, married to Marie Louise LARRIVÉE in 1773.
  • JOLY, married to Marie Anne ANDRÉ in 1682.
  • L'ESPÉRANCE DIT FAYET, married to Marie Scholastique GALAND in 1790.
  • LAMARRE 1765-1765, son of Pierre and Madeleine BOUCHER.
  • MICHAUD ca 1872-1873, son of Pierre and Césarine LEMIEUX.
  • PONTON DIT SAINT-GERMAIN, married to Marie Jeanne THOMAS DIT BIGAOUET in 1756.
  • POTHIER, son of Louis and Marie Anne LEFEBVRE DIT BÉLISLE, married to Josephe Antoine CÉCIRE in 1783.
  • ROY 1755-1758, son of Pierre and Marie Charlotte VÉZINA.
  • SÉDILOT DIT MONTREUIL, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie Barbe Ou Marie RAPIN, married to Marie Josèphe VILLERAY in 1764, Marie Louise GUINOT in 1780.
  • SÉGUIN 1790-, son of Joseph Marie SÉGUIN DIT LADÉROUTE and Marie Josephe LAROCQUE, married to Adélaïde Sophie SABOURIN in 1827.
  • SPÉNARD 1723-1797, son of Jean Baptiste and Marie MOREL, married to Marie Anne HUGUET DIT HUGUES in 1749, Marie Louise PAQUET in 1778.
  • VERRET 1753-, son of Pierre René and Marie Charlotte GARNEAU, married to Marie Charlotte RÉAUME in 1774.
  • VERRET DIT LAVERDURE, son of Théodore Jean Baptiste and Marie Josephe Jeanne THIBAULT, married to Marie Angélique BÉDARD in 1779.

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