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En homenaje a todos los inmigrantes franceses de Pirineos Atlánticos que como mis abuelos, llegaron a Argentina y formaron familia lejos de su tierra.



  • A
    • ALDUNCÍN, daughter of José and Francisca LABAYEN.
    • ANGELO (D'), married to Vicente RINALDI.
    • ARHIE 1883-, daughter of Jean and Catherine ETCHEVERRY.
  • B
    • BALIHAUT 1898-, daughter of Casimir BALLIHAUT and María EIRLES, married to Francisco Pascual Domingo DILASCIO in 1918.
    • BAYLE 1879-, daughter of Barthélemy and Maitene Dite María LARROQUE, married to Jorge Laureano OYARZABAL in 1907.
    • BÉCAAS, daughter of Jean Dominique and Josefa Fermina BESABE.
    • BELSUNCE 1884-, daughter of Etienne and Marie OYHARÇABAL.
    • BERNIS 1906-, daughter of Léon and Juana EYHERAMONHO.
    • BONEPELCHE 1911, daughter of Bautista and Clementina GONZÁLEZ.
    • BORDAGARAY 1892-, daughter of Jean and Severina GARIBOTTI.
    • BRAGG, married to Ceferino GARCÍA.
  • C
    • CASAMAJOR 1882-, daughter of Pierre and Juana ELIZONDO.
    • CASTELLANO, married to Francesco BATTIONE.
    • CEPEDA 1880-, daughter of Florencio and Luisa BORDA, married to Juan Bautista MIRASSOU in 1905.
    • CHRESTIA, daughter of Bernard and Catherine MUSCAGORRY, married to Antonio GIACOBINO in 1914.
    • CHRISOSTÔME 1894-, daughter of Pierre and Marie DOMECQ.
    • COLLONGUES, daughter of Jean Marie and Elizabeth Dite Laurencia CABANNÉ LALANNE.
    • COURREGES 1891-, daughter of Jacques and Catalina BEGBEDER.
  • D
    • DAVISON, married to Manuel O. LUGONES.
    • DICK, married to Juan DRAKE.
    • DICK, married to Juan DRAKE.
    • DUCASSE, daughter of Jean Marie and Bonifacia SIMON.
    • DUHALDE 1883-, daughter of Jean Pierre and Julia LACROIX.
    • DUHART, daughter of Etienne Pierre and María COURREGES.
  • E
    • ESTEBE †1884, daughter of François and Catherine PARIS.
    • ETCHEBARNE 1895-, daughter of Raymond and Gracianne IRIARTEGARAY.
    • ETCHEPAREBORDE 1872-, daughter of Pierre and Marie CASABONNE.
    • ETCHEPAREBORDE, daughter of Pierre and Marie CASABONNE.
  • F
    • FRINCHABOY 1898-, daughter of Jean and Catalina MENDIONDO, married to Sabino Luis LAHITTE in 1926.
    • FROMENT 1894-, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Ana Elvira DUHALDE.
  • G
    • GASPARROU 1881-, daughter of Pierre and Ana Micaela GASPARROU.
    • GURY, daughter of Louis Napoléon and Justine LARRIEU.
  • H
    • HARGUINTEGUY 1900-, daughter of Sebastián and Graciana HARRIET.
    • HILLIAN, married to Barthélemy MESPLÉ BÉLESTA.
    • HOO 1888-, daughter of Jean and Marie Louise LAFOND.
    • HOURCADE, married to Pedro Bernardo CARDENAU.
  • I
    • IRIBE, daughter of Pierre and Magdelaine CARRICABURU.
    • IRIGOIN 1870-, daughter of Jean and Marie DUHALDE.
  • L
    • LAFITTE 1886-, daughter of Felix and Ciriaca CUFRÉ.
    • LAFON 1894-, daughter of Pedro and Elena PIKE.
    • LAPLACE 1896-, daughter of Paul and Marie CASENAVE HAURIE.
    • LARRALDE, daughter of Pascal and Carmen GUILLEN.
    • LARROSA 1887-, daughter of Guillermo and Jeanne BERHOUET.
    • LOGE 1894-, daughter of François and María CASANOVA.
    • LOGEGARAY 1885-, daughter of Luis and Emilie CHAMPIN.
    • LORDA, daughter of Santiago Dit Vicente and Juan Josefa Faustina BARRENECHE, married to Guillermo Samuel SANDERS in 1914.
    • LOURTAU 1885-, daughter of Romain LOURTAU LOUHILH and Jeanne CAMPAGNE, married to Juan BERESTAIN.
    • LOUSTALET 1887-, daughter of Jean and Justine GOUARNALUSSE.
  • M
    • MONDINE, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Juana DONAMARY.
  • N
    • NECOL, daughter of François Victor and Lucia M. DE NECOL, married to Martín NOEL.
    • NEGUELOUA, daughter of Arnaud Dit Bernardo and Marie CAMPISTEGUY.
  • O
    • OLIVIER LACOMBE, daughter of Charles OLIVIER and Marguerite Elina LACOMBE BONAC.
    • OYHAMBURU 1903-, daughter of José María and Thérèse CHANQUET.
    • OYHAMBURU 1870-, daughter of Pierre and Tomasa URBIETA.
  • P
    • PEDELABORDE 1912, daughter of Juan Luis and Juana María POSSETTI.
    • PEDELABORDE 1876-, daughter of Prudent and Marie POURTALÉ, married to Joaquin OSAN in 1894.
    • PEREYRA, married to Alejandro LABADIE.
    • PIKE, married to Pedro LAFON.
    • PILLAROU, daughter of Jean and Josefa María ARCE, married to Nicola CANIGGIA in 1899.
    • PLAZA, daughter of Fernando and Gabriela ALMADA, married to Honorato ISSOURIBÉHÈRE in 1881.
    • PONDARRÉ †1884, daughter of Jean and Jeanne MONTAUBAN.
    • POURTALÉ 1865-, daughter of Jean POURTALÉ JAMNOT and Anne Marie Honorine VIGNAU, married to Jean Lucien FORTABAT in 1888.
  • R
    • RANCEZ, daughter of Dominique and María Rosalía COSCARART, married to Domingo HAITZAGUERRE in 1917.
    • RIFOURCAT, daughter of Martin and Martina ... DE RIFOURCAT.
    • ROLDAN, daughter of Franciso Solano and Fructuosa GOMEZ, married to Pedro MARQUESTAUT in 1889.
  • S
    • SANSINENA, daughter of Francisco and Agustina LURO.
    • SERVAT 1889-, daughter of Pierre and Marie DIEUZEDE.
    • SORIA, daughter of Pedro and Tránsita QUINTANA, married to Bernardo ÇABALÇAGARAY in 1912.
    • SUPERVIELLE BROUQUÈS 1893-, daughter of Grat Dit Bautista Dit Graciano and Marie PUCHEU.
  • U
    • UTHURRIAGUE 1886-, daughter of Arnaud and Agustina (Justina) GASTELLU.
  • V
    • VIGNAU 1891-, daughter of Pierre and Pauline Jeanne PARTIT.
    • VIVES 1915, daughter of Guillermo and Josefa Joaquina LIZASO.

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