• Born 2 April 1791 - Biè, Bleggio, Trento, Trentino-Alto-Adige, Italy
  • Deceased before April 1858 - Biè, Bleggio, Trento, Trentino-Alto-Adige, Italy


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Individual Note


Birth date cited in marriage record; see attached media.


Cited as deceased in baptismal record of grandson Mario Onorati. See a

Family Note

Marriage with Bernardino Pederzolli

Trento file 4256260_01186; Santa Croce parish records, marriages, LDS film 1448051, Pt 8, pg 33


  • Death: Arcidiocesi di Trento - Santa Croce del Bleggio Parish Records (Santa Croce del Bleggio, Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy) - Name: Arcidiocesi di Trento; Location: Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy; Date: 1565-1923; - Archdiocese of Trento Archives - - anta Croce del Bleggio Parish Records (Santa Croce del Bleggio, Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy). Archivio dell'Archidiocesi di Trento, Trento, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy. - Trento file 4256259_02839; Santa Croce parish records, baptisms. LDS film 1448050, part 22, page 146. - 1) LARIDO. Baroni, Augusto Luigi (male). BIRTH: 6 April 1858 (2 PM). BAPTISM: 8 April 1858. FATHER: Rocco Baroni, son of Francesco of Larido. MOTHER: Gioseffa Foradori, daughter of Giovanni Battista of Bono. GODPARENTS: Antonio Luchesa (farmer) and D? Onorati (citizen, i.e., not a contadina).
    2) DUVREDO. Serafini, Costante Fedele (male). BIRTH: 9 April 1858 (2 AM). BAPTISM: 9 April 1858. FATHER: Luigi Serafini, son of the late Alberto of Duvredo. MOTHER: Marianna Gusmerotti, daughter of Alberto. GODPARENTS: Alberto Serafini (a miller) and Domenica Parisi (contadina / farmer). Died 28 March 1939 (see notation in left margin).
    3) MARAZZONE. Luchesa, Ottavio Pio (male). BIRTH: 9 April 1858 (7 PM). BAPTISM: 10 April. FATHER: Bortolo Luchesa, son of the late Eleuterio and the late Lucia. MOTHER: Teresa Caliari, daughter of the late Bortolo and the late Antonia Malacarne. GODPARENTS: Santo Luchesa, and Santa Reversi (contadini). DIED: 29 January 1859.
    4) RANGO. Terzi, Giuseppe Daniele (male). BIRTH: 10 April 1858 (no time given). BAPTISM: 12 April. FATHER: Matteo Terzi, son of Matteo. MOTHER: Rosa Riccadonna, daughter of Carlo. GODPARENTS: Giuseppe Bellotti and Maria Gasperini, contadini.
    5) CAVRASTO. Caliari, Giovanni (male). BIRTH: 12 April 1858 (9 AM). BAPTISED: 12 April. FATHER: Carlo Caliair, son of the late Luigi, and Margarita (surname smudged out). MOTHER: Domenica Bondi, daughter of Giovanni of Larido. GODPARENTS: Clemente Brocchetti and Margherita Bellotti. DIED: 27 Jan 1860.
    6) VERGONZO. Serafini, Cattarina (female). BORN: 13 April 1858 (2 AM). BAPTISED: 13 April. FATHER: Alberto Serafini, son of Francesco, and Maria. MOTHER: Maria Martinelli, daughter of the late Bortolo and the late Teresa. GODPARENTS: Giovanni Malacarne and Cattarina Beltrami. DIED: Jan 1877.
    7) BIVEDO. Jori, Agostino (male). BORN: 15 April 1858 (12 noon). BAPTISED: 16 April. FATHER: Antonio Jori, son of the late Girardo, and late Domenica. MOTHER: Marianna Franceschi, daughter of Domenico and Marianna. GODPARENTS: Francesco Parisi, and Irene Franceschi, contadini. DIED: 28 July 1858. NOTE: Godmother Irene is the sister of the baby's mother.
    8) BONO. Onorati, Mario (male). BORN: 19 April 1858 (1 PM). BAPTISED: 20 April. FATHER: Francesco Onorati, son of the late Francesco and the late Rosa. MOTHER: Teresa Pederzolli, daughter of the late Bernardo and the late Elisabetta. GODPARENTS: Pietro Frizzi, and Clementina Bleggi (landowner). DIED: 1 May 1860.
    9) MADICE. Caresani, Anselmo (male). BORN: 20 April 1858 (11 AM). BAPTISED: 20 April. FATHER: Francesco Caresani, son of Luigi and Maria (see notes). MOTHER: Maddalena Michelini, daughter of the late Girolamo, and the late Maria. GODPARENTS: Francesco Pellegrinati (landowner), and Fortunata Gregori (servant). NOTE: Although it says Francesco Caresani's mother's name is Maria, I believe this is an error, and she is actually Margarita. This is because Antonio Francesco Caresani (born 1827) is the only "Francesco, son of Luigi" born during the correct time period. I would need to confirm this via other records.
    10) LARIDO. Andreolli, Giuseppe Luigi (male). BORN: 20 April 1858 (1 PM). BAPTISMED: 21 April. FATHER: Domenico Luigi Andreolli, son of the late Domenico and the late Margarita. MOTHER: Costanza Baroni, daughter of Francesco, and the late Marianna. GODPARENTS: Giacomo Berasi, contadino, and Antonia Caliari, landowner. DIED: 29 Jan 1867.
    11) DUVREDO. Serafini, baby boy. 26 April 1858. Died the same day. FATHER: Giovanni Serafini of Duvredo. MOTHER: Antonia Parisi, daughter of Giuseppe. Baptism performed by the midwife, Furlini (no first name, but presume this is Margarita, widow of Furlini).
    12) RANGO and SESTO. Reversi, Eliseo Giuseppe (male). BORN: 1 May 1858 (2 AM). BAPTISED: Later the same day. FATHER: Alessandro Reversi, son of the late Domenico and late Angela. MOTHER: Anna Tisi, daughter of the late Giuseppe and Maria. GODPARENTS: Felice Beltrami, and Catterina Bellotti. DIED: 1 Aug 1868. - @[email protected]

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Francesco Cilladi ca 1705-/1773 Domenica Bombarda ca 1710- Pietro Domenico Bellotti 1715-1797 Maria Elisabetta Bonetti 1714-1781

Domenico Cilladi ca 1748-/1817 Barbara Elena Bellotti ca 1753-

Maria Elisabetta Cilladi 1791-/1858