• sosa Desquenes 1767-1838, married to Léonord Zeude.
  • Hartmann ca 1735-1810, married to Joseph Strell.
  • Kremer, married to Christophe Salzmann.
  • Ley 1810-1843, daughter of Matthias Ley (Leu) and Marie Eva Hartmann.
  • Moine, married to Marc Ghelma.
  • Muller 1813-1865, daughter of Pierre and Barbe Elisabeth Mosimann, married to Joseph Salzmann.
  • Niglis 1811, married to Joseph Hartmann in 1841.
  • Pieri 1889-1962, married to Félix Antoine Muchielli.
  • Souvelain 1700-1776, daughter of Charles and Magdeleine Renard, married to Jean Baptiste Lefebvre.