M Yosef "Hazaken" ben Yehudah ibn Yahya HaZaken

(Yosef "Hazaken" ben Yehudahibn Yahya)

  • Born in 1210
  • Deceased in 1264,aged 54 years old
  • Buried


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geni:about_me Reference: "Divrei ha-Yamim le-Bnei Yahya,( דברי הימים לבני יחייא )", by Eliakim Carmoly, Printed in Frankfort am Main/Rodelheim, Published by: Isak Kaufman, 1850. Genealogy of, and biographical work on, theYahya family by Eliakim Carmoly. There is an introduction from Carmoly, in which he informs that the Yahya family is one of distinction from the time of Maimonides. Originally achieving greatness in Portugal and Spain, they aftersettled in Italy and Turkey. The text is preceded by a chart of the family, beginning with the Nasi, Don Yahya, and concluding with Don Gedalia. The text, in seven chapters, is set in a single column, primarily in rabbinic type although there are instances of vocalized square letters, and is accompanied by extensive footnotes. The final page is an announcement of the forthcoming publication of seven minor Yerushalmi tractates by Carmoli. The text of thisbook was compared to the "bin Yahya Family Tapestry", currently stored in the antiquity archives of Jewish Theological Seminary in New York City, by Abraham Greenstein - grandson of Abraham Gindi HaKohen. The text matches the Tapestry.

Talmudic scholar, attained great wealth, built magnificent Lisbon synagogue. Don Yosef ben Yehuda Ibn Yahya ha-zaken has two (2) sons:

  1. a son named David el Negro (disciple of R. Shlomo ben Adret), and,

  2. a son named Shlomo.

    (a/k/a “Don Yosef”, “Yosef the Elder”, “Don Jose”, “Jahia Ha-Zaken”)

    Tapestry inscription :

    Don Yosef was a Great Hacham and wealthy xxxxx and he built the Great Synagogue in Lisbon .

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Direccion: Lisboa, Portugal, Lisboa, Portugal


Direccion: Lisbon, Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal


Direccion: Lisboa, Lisboa

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Yehudah Yehudah ibn ibn Yahya ibn Ya'ish, Don 1180-1227 NN x

Yosef "Hazaken" ben Yehudah HaZaken ibn Yahya, Don 1210-1264