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  • Born about 1180 - Lisbon, Portugal
  • Deceased about 1227 - Lisboa Portugal,aged about 47 years old


 Spouses and children


Individual Note

Son of Don Yahya "el Negro"; Yehudah "Ya'ish" ben Yahuda ibn ben Yahudah ibn Yaḥyā, senhor de Aldeia dos Negros; Unknown ibn Ya`hish and Chamoa GomesHusband of NNFather of Yosef ibn Yahya HaZaken and Yahya ibn YachyaBrother of Ya'ish ibn Yahya ibn Ya'ish; Yakob ibn Yahya ibn Ya'ish; Abu Baqr ibn Yaḥyā, I and Don Yahya "el Negro"Occupation: adviser of king Alphonso Henriques 1 and "Arrabi Mor". (grandrabbi of Portugal)