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Recherche de mes ancêtres et de mes cousins proches ou lointains.

 Anne Marie, Anne-Marie

  • BAIL 1855-1878/, daughter of Antoine LE BAIL and Annette HERVE, married to Jean Marie LE GRUIEC in 1878
  • ETESSE 1898-1957, married to Henri GUILLOU in 1921
  • GEFFROY, married to Jean-Yves LE BAIL in 1976
  • GEFFROY ca 1854
  • GOASDOUE ca 1879-1944/, married to François LE MORVAN in 1909
  • GUILLOU, daughter of Léon and Jeannette GUYOMARD, married to Inconnu BOYENVAL
  • LE BAIL 1945-2003, daughter of Joseph and Louise MONTEBRUN, married to Alain BELET in 1965
  • LE PAPE, daughter of Yvon and Jeanne MORIN, married to Thierry VASSEUR
  • LE TOISER ca 1880
  • LISSILLOUR ca 1840
  • sosa LURON 1888-1982, daughter of François Marie and Jeanne Marie COÏC, married to Léon GUILLOU in 1908
  • MORIN 1948-1963, daughter of Louis and Yvette GUILLOU
  • sosa SALAUN 1877-1939, daughter of François SALAÜN and Marie Félicité ROUAULT, married to Jean-Louis LE MERRER in 1899, Joseph Marie LE BAIL in 1904