• Born 27 May 1824 - Hvidsted, Taars, Hjorring, Denmark
  • Baptized 5 September 1824 - Taars, Hjorring, Denmark
  • Deceased 24 December 1891 - New Lisbon, Juneau County, Wisconsin,aged 67 years old


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Individual Note

Life sketch

Additions by Winona Y. (Yorgensen) Maughan who is a daughter of Oscar Clarence Yorgesen and granddaughter of Soren Christensen Yorgesen born in 1845 and a Greatgrandaughjter of Jorgen Sorensen and a GGGrandaughter of Pioneer Soren Olsen.

Winona Martin Maughn said-

Winona said-The year before my mother Marion Yorgesen died (in 1991), my brother Frans Jorgensen and his wife Verella Yorgesen took our Mother Marion Jorgensen and myself Winona Jorgensen MAUGHN on a trip with them back to Wisconsin.

We had a good visit with Nikolena Martin Jacobsen and just as we were leaving, she pointed to the picture of her Grandmother Maren Christen Jensdatter SORENSEN on the wall and said, "Oh I almost forgot---Winona- -would you like to have that picture?" Oh wouldI like it! I had copies made of it ---the picture that is on the front of the histories, and sent the original to great grandaughter Maren Moser Hargis who is named after her.

Nikolena Martin Jacobsen celebrated her lOOth Birthday July 5,1994 in Mauston Wisconsin.

Alternate name:

Maren Jensdr

Alternate name:

Maren Gens datter


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Jens Madsen 1734-1795 Ane Jensdatter 1746-1811 Peder Christensen /1745-1819 Maren Jensdatter 1752-1808

Jens Jensen 1779-1861 Maren Pedersdatter 1778-1855

Maren Jensdatter 1824-1891