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MARZOLF families originating of Memmelhoffen and Oberbetschdorf

Hello, this is a sub division of the family trees of MARKEE, shown at This tree #8 shows about 2,500 MARZOLF descendants originating of one family of the villages of MEMMELSHOFFEN and OBERBETSCHDORF, Alsace, France.

Starting with the first ancestor Johann Wendel MARTZOLF = Wendling MARZOLPH, born about 1610, this family spread out to Oberbetschdorf, Goersdorf, Birlenbach and other surrounding villages. Later families moved to other areas in France, emigrated to Germany, Ukraine/Russia, Unites States, Canada and Algeria. But that was not the end, families from Ukraine/Russia moved further to North Dakota, US or Canada around 1900, others came back from Algeria to France in the 1960's.

During these migrations the spelling of the name underwent several changes: variants today include MARZOLF, MARZOLFF, MARTZOLF, MARTZOLFF in France and the US, even MARSOLF and MARTSOLF in the US, MARZOLPH in Germany and also two versions missing the "L" as MARZOFF in Canada and MARTZOFF France.

I want to thank all the many researchers that helped to create this family tree. If there are any data that should not be seen by the public, please contact me for removal.

There surely will be errors in this collection, so please inform me to improve the quality of this tree.

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