Elizabeth E /Rhodes/

  • Born about 1825 - Cross Anchor, S.C.
  • Deceased 20 March 1898 - Greenville, SC,aged about 73 years old
  • Buried - Moody, Turner, Anders Cemetery


 Spouses and children



Individual Note

ELIZABETH E. RHODES: The grave site at Moody-Turner- Her tombstone reads "Betsey E. Turner May 20, 1898 Age 78". According to information provided by Cullen B. Turner 4418 Copeland Drive, Morristown, TN 37814, (Ph-423-581-8891) her given name was Elizabeth E. Rhodes. She is reported to have grown up on a plantation on a ridge between the Tiger & Enoree Rivers near Cross Anchor, S.C. Cullen is the grandson of the James Marion Turner who was the Uncle of the Rev J.M. Turner.
Listed as heir at law in her father's estate papers along with her husband William Turner. Rec'd $ 158.35.

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 Family Tree Preview

Benjamin W Rhodes ca 1762-ca 1832 Mary Molly Ashbury ca 1766-1799 John Pettypool ca 1761-ca 1837 Ellender (Eleanor) Green

Christopher Pinkney Rhodes ca 1786-ca 1860 Sarah Sally (Poole) Pettypool ca 1788-1861/

Elizabeth E. (Betsy) Rhodes ca 1825-1898