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Mary Cummins family tree. 35,000+ members. Names: Father: Cobb, Badders, Kyle, Morris, Burns, Walton, McCormick, Warner, Teegarden from Britain, Ireland, Scotland. Mother: Cummins, Hill, Rivera, Baz, Olvera, Valera, Vazquez, Rosas from Britain, Mexico, Spain, Germany, France. Click here to see famous people in the tree


  • Andre 1839-1925, married to Peter Lieber.
  • Birchard 1792-1866, daughter of Roger and Drusilla Austin, married to Rutherford Hayes.
  • Boesses 1720-1791, married to Peter van Reede.
  • Bonn 1865-1951, daughter of Jonathan and Yvette x, married to Abe "Harris" Salk.
  • Bostruck Bostwick ca 1861-, daughter of Noble Day Bostwick and Catherine "Katie" Cummins.
  • Greece and Denmark (of) 1938, daughter of Paul of Greece and Frederica of Hanover, married to Juan Carlos I of Spain.
  • Hanover (of) 1630-1714, daughter of Frederick of Bohemia and Elizabeth Stuart of Bohemia, married to Ernest Augustus of Brunswick-Luneburg.
  • Johnson 1795-1868, married to Cornelius Vanderbilt.
  • Koirif, daughter of Manuel and Rosa Nunez.
  • Lieck 1876-1959, daughter of Lambert and Theresa Sladek.
  • Meizner 1785, married to John Strentzel.
  • Meluick, married to David Garber.
  • Pope 1710-1759, daughter of Humphrey and Amy Veale, married to James Muse.
  • Prussia (of) 1870-1932, married to Constantine I of Greece.
  • Schwarzenegger 1740, daughter of Jakob and Kunigunde Pudl.
  • Tinker 1818, daughter of Elijah and Catherine Lasher, married to Walter Elijah Howard.
  • Trevanion 1727-1790, married to John Byron.
  • Vennemann, married to Johann Beckmann.
  • x 1760-ca 1840, married to Richard Longcore Langhaar.