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Mary Cummins family tree. 35,000+ members. Names: Father: Cobb, Badders,Kyle, Morris, Burns, Walton, McCormick, Warner, Teegarden fromBritain, Ireland, Scotland. Mother: Cummins, Hill, Rivera, Baz,Olvera, Valera, Vazquez, Rosas from Britain, Mexico, Spain,Germany, France. Click here to see famous people in thetree

  • Born in 1821
  • Deceased in 1881,aged 60 years old


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Jacobe Felipe James-Stuart Stolberg-Gedern 1773-1794 Maria Teresa Silva Palafox 1772-1818  

Carlos Miguel Fitz-James Stuart Silva 1794-1835 Rosalia Josefa Ventimiglia Moncada 1798-1868

Jacobo Luis Fitz-James Stuart Ventimiglia 1821-1881