• sosa KENNEDY, 3rd Earl of Cassillis & Margary 1515-1558, married to Margery Sophia KENNEDY.
  • sosa MACMAHUN I ca 1240-ca 1285, son of Uchtred MACMAHUN, married to ? UNKNOWN.
  • sosa MACMAHUN II 1270-1360, son of Gilbert MACMAHUN I, father of Auchtred MACMAHUN.
  • sosa MACMAHUN III 1318-ca 1380, son of Auchtred MACMAHUN and Mary FINDLAY (FINLAY), married to ? UNKNOWN.
  • sosa MACMAHUN of Killantringan ca 1340-ca 1400, son of Gilbert MACMAHUN III, married to Agnes MACDONALD.
  • sosa MACMICHAN III 1492-1544, son of John MACMICHAN IV and Anne M'DUNALD, married to ? UNKNOWN.
  • sosa MACMICHAN III of Killantringan 1514-1560, son of Gilbert MACMICHAN III, married to Isabel HAMILTON.
  • sosa MACMICHAN the Elder 1443-1533, son of John MACMICHAN III, married to Annabel KENNEDY.
  • sosa MACMICKIN 1647-1731, son of Thomas and Grizel GRAUFUIRD, married to Janet MACILLWAIN (AULD).
  • MCMICKEN 1829-, son of Gilbert A and Mary Catherine HERON.
  • MCMICKEN 1813-1891, son of Gilbert Thomas, married to Ann Theresa DUFF.
  • MCMICKING 1888, son of James Donald and Margarita GONZALES.
  • MCMICKING 1825, son of Gilbert T and Margaret MCMICKING, married to Sarah MCMICKING.
  • MCMICKING 1788-1849, son of Peter MCMICKING, UEL and Agness ROBERTSON, married to Catherine SWAYZE, Rhoda OLIVER.
  • MCMICKING, son of John Chandler and Vivienne Gladys KAYS, married to Shelley UNKNOWN.
  • MCMICKING of Miltonise 1823-1890, son of Thomas MCMICKING of MIltonise and Jane MORIN, married to Helen Mary MACFARLANE.
  • WILSON 1850-1927, son of John and Catherine Jane MCMICKING, married to Emelinda Ida Louise PALMER.

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