Dr. Hugh Howard MITCHELL
Dr. Hugh Howard MITCHELL
  • Born 3 February 1883 - Stamford (Niagara Falls), On., Canada, , , ,
  • Deceased 15 October 1938 - Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, , , ,,aged 55 years old
  • MD
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Individual Note

Dr. Hugh Howard Mitchell is engaged in the general practice of medi-
cine in Regina. He was born in Welland county, Ontario, in 1883, a son
of Hugh and Sarah Augusta (McMicking) Mitchell, the former a native
of Welland county, born on his father's old homestead, and the latter of
Queenston Heights. The paternal grandfather, John Mitchell, was born
in Scotland and came to this country in 1826, homesteading in Ontario.
He had learned the trade of cabinetmaker in the old country and he fol-
lowed that trade with great success. Robert McMicking, the maternal
grandfather, was of Loyalist stock and his parents came to Ontario from
the States. Hugh Mitchell, Sr., has engaged in farming for many years
and has won prominence as an agriculturist. He and his wife are con-
sistent members of the Presbyterian church and he is a stanch supporter
of the Liberal party. They became parents of ten children, seven of whom
are living, Hugh Howard Mitchell, whose name introduces this review,
being the fourth in order of birth.

married 1915 at Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

Saskatchewan And Its People - http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cansk/SaskatchewanAndItsPeople/VolumeIII/MitchellHughHoward.html



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John MITCHELL 1806-1890 Mary HENDERSON 1805-1884 a picture
William MCMICKING, JP 1805-1857
 a picture
Mary MCCLELLAN 1808-1873

a picture
Hugh Henderson MITCHELL 1844-1926
 a picture
Sarah Augusta MCMICKING 1847-1926

a picture
Dr. Hugh Howard MITCHELL 1883-1938

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