• Born in 1791 - Vermont, Usa, , , ,
  • Deceased 13 July 1874 - Brampton, On., Canada, , , ,,aged 83 years old


 Spouses and children


Individual Note

married 1827 at Brampton, Peel Co., Upper Canada

From the Loyalist Gazette, Spring 1967,
“During the war of 1812, the American Army overran and held part of the peninsula for a time. Wounded soldiers were cared for in the various homes and to the Mc Micking home came William Johnston, a wounded American from Vermont. Sara McMicking, daughter of Thomas, helped with the nursing and eventually fell in love with Johnston and married him. As a secondgeneration Loyalist, Sara was entitled to two hundred acres of land. Her grant was located at the northern end of the present town of Brampton and there she and William Johnston settled. His was a useful and varied career. During his lifetime he served as first postmaster in Brampton, township clerk, auctioneer and schoolmaster. He had a diploma in midwifery and was the only trained healer for miles around. Later on in his life he gained fame as a surgeon and for the cures he effected in surface cancer. He invented a mysterious plaster and his daughter, Sara, assisted him as a nurse. When Johnston died, the lands of the Mc Mickings passed to his surviving daughters, Jennie Hulton, Harriet Hardy, Jessie Bull and Eleanor, a Toronto schoolteacher.
From Brampton Pioneer Cemetery Document - EXCERPT
"Dr. William Johnston’s family left Vermont about 1766 and settled in the Niagara district, where he was born in 1791. He took part in the battle of Queenston Heights. Dr. Johnston and Mr. (Thomas) McMicking came first in 1818, cleared a road through then went back to Niagara and returned in 1820 with Johnston’s wife and two children. Dr. Johnston is said to have sown the first wheat in the county. Although he was recognized in the profession by diploma only, he was of incalculable service to the residents of the county for many miles around, especially in the days when no regularly accredited practitioner was to be found nearer than Toronto. He was the first coroner, postmaster, auctioneer, town clerk and schoolmaster. The first post office was in a corner of the Johnston kitchen. He was a Trustee of Trinity Church. Ellen, Isobel and William Streets are named after their Children".

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 Family Tree Preview

Wesley Jackson JOHNSTON 1766- Mildred JEFFERSON 1773-

William JOHNSTON 1791-1874

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