• A
    • ALLEN 1872-1940, married to Margaret Coleen MCMICKING.
  • B
    • BARBEAU, married to Mary MCCONNELL.
    • BASTEDO, son of Edgar Frank and Martha "Patty" BASTEDO.
    • BROLLS 1862-1881/, son of John Jr and Jane MCCULLOCH.
    • BROLLS 1859-1859, son of John Jr and Jane MCCULLOCH.
    • BROLLS 1803-1864, married to Mary Ellen MCMICKING.
    • BULL, son of Louis John Carpenter and Jessie Georgina BASKERVILLE.
    • BURNHAM 1837-1901, son of William and Susanna BASTEDO, married to Mary Elizabeth MCCONNELL, Jennie HENDERSON.
  • C
    • COOPER 1851-1874, son of John and Elizabeth COOPER.
    • COOPER 1799-1874, son of James and Elizabeth HIXSON, married to Elizabeth COOPER.
    • COWPAR II 1503, son of John COWPAR The Elder and Unknown COWPAR, married to Mary THORNHILL in 1524.
    • COWPAR III 1525, son of John COWPAR II and Mary THORNHILL, married to Mary COWPAR in 1554.
    • COWPAR IV 1554, son of John COWPAR III and Mary COWPAR, married to Elizabeth STUART.
    • COWPAR The Elder 1483-1538, married to Unknown COWPAR.
    • CULVER 1887, son of John Jackson and Samantha GRAHAM.
  • D
    • DAFOE, married to Arline Isobel MCMICKING.
    • DAFOE, son of John and Arline Isobel MCMICKING.
    • DENNIS, married to Jane LUKE.
    • DOUGLAS 1860-, son of George and Annie BROLLS.
    • sosa DUGMORE, married to Gail MONTAGU.
    • Dughman, son of Samuel Lincoln and Mae Loretta MCKERLIE.
  • E
  • F
    • FLEMING 1788-1846, married to Jane Fordyce NICOL.
  • G
  • K
    • KEEFER 1813-1892, son of George and Catherine LAMPMAN, married to Sarah Catherine MCMICKING.
    • KNOBLAUCH, married to Mary A BASTEDO.
  • M
    • MACHATTIE, son of Graham and Agnes Catherine "Pat" COLLVER.
    • MACLELLAN, son of Roy James and Amy Catherine MCMICKING.
    • MACMICHAN I of Killantringan 1360-1442, son of Gilbert MACMAHUN of Killantringan and Agnes MACDONALD, married to ? UNKNOWN.
    • MACMICHAN II 1384-1439, son of John MACMICHAN I of Killantringan, married to ? UNKNOWN.
    • MACMICHAN III 1415-1498, son of John MACMICHAN II, married to ? UNKNOWN.
    • MACMICHAN IV 1465-1537, son of Gilbert MACMICHAN the Elder and Annabel KENNEDY, married to Anne M'DUNALD.
    • MACMICKIN 1702-1730, son of Gilbert and Janet MACILLWAIN (AULD), married to Mary DUNCAN.
    • MACMICKING, son of John Colin "Jack" and Helen Isobel WHITE, married to Audrey Jean FORSEY, Phyllis Lynn ROCCA.
    • MCCARTNEY 1863-, son of Samuel and Mary BROLLS.
    • MCCLELLAN 1774-1868, son of William and Jane Margaret RYAN, married to Louisa Jane Catherine THOMPSON.
    • MCCLELLAND, son of John and Helen GODDEN, married to Betty COAKWELL in 1955.
    • MCCLELLAND, married to Helen GODDEN in 1929.
    • MCGLASHAN, son of Clark and Pauline MARSHALL, married to Beverley CAMPBELL in 1975.
    • MCKERLIE 1857, son of Walter and Caroline STEWART, married to Jessie BALL in 1881.
    • MCKERLIE 1835-1885, son of Peter and Bathsheba TENEYCK, married to Jane SCRAMBLING in 1862.
    • MCKERLIE 1801-1879, son of John and Jane (Jenny) MCMICKING, married to Rachel PEW in 1823.
    • MCKERLIE 1774-, married to Jane (Jenny) MCMICKING.
    • MCMEEKEN 1776-1820, son of John MCMIKEN of Glenluce and Margaret MCMICHAEL, married to Tempra (?) MARTINGROVE.
    • MCMEEKIN 1861-1923, son of Samuel Douglas and Elizabeth Martha MITCHELL.
    • MCMICKEN 1826, son of Gilbert A and Mary Catherine HERON.
    • MCMICKEN 1799-, son of Gilbert Thomas, married to Jane MCDOWELL.
    • MCMICKIN 1825-, son of John MCMICKEN and Jane MCDOWELL.
    • MCMICKING, son of John Cyrus and Helen Newton EWART.
    • MCMICKING 1821-1821, son of Thomas MCMICKING of MIltonise and Jane MORIN.
    • MCMICKING 1807-1809, son of Thomas MCMICKING IV, UEL and Isabel GASS.
    • MCMICKING 1774-1860, son of Peter MCMICKING, UEL and Agness ROBERTSON, married to Susan THOMSON.
    • MCMICKING 1752-1852, son of Thomas MCMICKING III and Janet MULWAIN, married to Alice Diana WEICKER.
    • MCMICKING, son of James Harvey and Katherine Ann HESTWOOD.
    • MCMIKEN of Glenluce 1745-1814, son of William MCMICKING (MCMIKEN) of Glenluce and Montague HELEN (ELEANOR), married to Margaret MCMICHAEL.
    • MITCHELL 1806-1890, married to Mary HENDERSON in 1832.
    • MORIN of Lagan †1804, married to Catherine BEVERIDGE.
    • MOUBRAY 1898, son of John James and May Marianne BOOTH.
  • N
    • NEWLOVE, married to Sarah BURKHOLDER.
  • P
    • PALMER, married to Elizabeth COOPER Jr in 1728.
    • PARKER 1827-1909, son of Samuel and Euphemia PARKER, married to Isabella MCMICKING.
  • R
    • ROWE 1823-, son of Peter ROWE, UEL and Eleanor MCMICKING.
  • S
    • SHUGG, married to Cahterine KILMAN.
    • SMUCK 1830-1879, married to Susan WELTER in 1882.
    • SWAN, married to Marie "Mary" MARTEL.
  • T
    • THOMPSON 1818-1886, son of Jannet COOPER, married to Isabella PYPER.
    • THOMPSON 1758-1814, married to Jeannet NIXON in 1785.
    • THOMPSON 1758-1814, son of A, married to Jeannet NIXON in 1785.
    • THOMSON 1804-1880, married to Amelia MCMICKING.
    • THORPE, son of Jack and Jane MCCLELLAND.
  • V
    • VANN 1826-, married to Rosanne GRAHAM.
  • W
    • WELTER 1807-1879, son of John P., married to Christina BASTEDO in 1828.
    • WIFFEN, married to Mary CAREY.
    • WILSON 1802-1879, son of Alexander and Martha MCULLOUGH, married to Catherine Jane MCMICKING.

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