Sosa :165,679,899
  • Deceased in 1051

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GODECHILDIS, widow of ROGER [I] de Conches [Tosny], daughter of ---. Guillaume de Jumièges records the marriage of the widow of "Roger du Ternois" and "Richard comte d'Evreux et fils de Robert l'archevêque"[1844]. The Miracles of Sainte-Foy recount her being cured of a serious illness by miracle, when she was still married to her first husband[1845]. Henry I King of England confirmed the foundation of Conches by "Rogerius senior de Toenio et filius eius Radulphus senex et Radulphus juvenis filius prædicti Radulphi senis et Rogerius filius Radulphi juvenis", quoting the donation by "Godehildis comitissa Ebroicæ civitatis, quondam uxor Rogerii de Totteneio" with the consent of "seniore meo comite Richardo", dated to [1130][1846]. "Richardus, archipræsulis Roberti filius…et uxor mea Godehyldis" founded Saint-Sauveur d´Evreux, in which "Godehylde filia mea" became a nun, by undated charter[1847].


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