• Born 10 December 1854 - Margate, Kent, England
  • Deceased 23 August 1930 - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA,aged 75 years old
  • Buried - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, USA
  • Scholar


 Spouses and children



On the side of Ann Harriet Franklin 1828-1924



Individual Note

Henry Joseph Walk of Hunter, former cashier of Z.C.M.I., died Saturday afternoon in a Salt Lake hospital. 

He was born Dec. 10,1854 at Margate, Kent, England, joined the L.D.S. Church in1880 and came to Utah the

following year.

A month after arriving here he entered the employe of Z.C.M.I. and two years later established the Globe Bakery,

which he operated for three years. Returning to Z.C.M.I. he was made cashier and occupied that position until

1928. Several years ago he became secretary of the federal farm board, which position he held until his death.

Mr. Walk was active in church work, having been superintendent of the Brighton ward Sunday School, President

of the quorum of seventy in Cottonwood Stake and Chorister of the Hunter Ward. He was Clerk of the Oquirrh Stake

at the time of his death.



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    Family tree: 347955871-1 - Discovery - 347955871-1 - Henry Joseph Walk - 5 DEC 2016 - Added via an Instant Discovery™ - Discovery
    - 1861 England & Wales Census - MyHeritage
    What can you find in the census?Census returns can help you determine who your ancestors were, and can also tell you:- Where your ancestors were living- Who they were living with- What their occupations were- If they had any servants- Who their neighbours were- If they had any brothers and sisters- What their ages were at the time of the census- If they had any disabilities.As well as giving you the above information, the fact that census returns are taken every ten years also allows you to track the movements of your ancestors through time as they perhaps move house, get married, have children or even change occupations.The fields which have been transcribed for the census are:- First name- Middle name- Last name- Sex- Birth place- Age- Place of residence- County- Relationship to head of householdWhy this collection is so valuableCensus records are valuable since they can tell you where a person lived at a certain place and time. Censuses were conducted by the federal government and will offer a variety of information, depending on year. Census records can answer questions like where your ancestors were living at the time the census was taken, who they were living with, what their occupations were, who their neighbors were, if they had any brothers and sisters, what their ages were at the time of the census and if they had any disabilities.Searching the censusThe golden rule of family history is to check the original historical record, or 'primary source', wherever possible. We have provided clear images of the original census enumeration books for you to view once you've found the right family in the indexes. When using census returns you should first search the transcriptions to help locate your ancestor in the census, and then view the original images to validate your findings. It will also help you see the household in the context of surrounding households. This is particularly important as transcribing an entire census is a huge and difficult task, and whilst we have used the expertise of our transcribers and the experience of key representatives from the genealogy community to help us translate the records, it is inevitable that there will be some errors.Next stepsWith the information you gain from these census records, you will have the information you need to search for vital records in the locality where you found your ancestor. Also, the fact that census returns are taken every ten years also allows you to track the movements of our ancestors through time as they perhaps move house, get married, have children or even change occupations. - Collection - 10152 - https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-10152-53103524/henry-walk-in-1861-england-wales-census - Henry Walk<br>Gender: Male<br>Birth: Circa 1855 - Margate, Kent<br>Residence: 1861 - 1 A Addington Street, St John, Kent, England<br>Age: 6<br>Occupation: Scholar<br>Father: Joseph Walk<br>Mother: Ann Walk<br>Siblings: Joseph T Walk, Frederick Walk<br>Census:
    Parish:St JohnSeries:RG09Family:39
    Municipal borough:MargatePiece:535Line:23
    Registration district:MargateRegistrar's district:ThanetImage:6
    County:KentEnumerated by:William Church Brasier
    Country:EnglandEnum. District:13
    See household members<br><a id='household'></a>Household<br>Relation to head; Name; Age; Suggested alternatives<br>Head; <a href="https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-10152-53103522/joseph-walk-in-1861-england-wales-census?s=116870301">Joseph Walk</a>; 33; <br>Wife; <a href="https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-10152-53103523/ann-walk-in-1861-england-wales-census?s=116870301">Ann Walk</a>; 32; <br>Son; <a href="https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-10152-53103524/henry-walk-in-1861-england-wales-census?s=116870301">Henry Walk</a>; 6; <br>Son; <a href="https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-10152-53103525/joseph-t-walk-in-1861-england-wales-census?s=116870301">Joseph T Walk</a>; 3; <br>Son; <a href="https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-10152-53103527/frederick-walk-in-1861-england-wales-census?s=116870301">Frederick Walk</a>; 1; <br>Servant; <a href="https://www.myheritage.com/research/record-10152-53103528/mary-doughty-in-1861-england-wales-census?s=116870301">Mary Doughty</a>; 15; - Record - 10152:53103524-:688017a42d5c0af837157d11d7488935

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  ? ? Jane Twyman 1801-ca 1882

Joseph Walk 1827-1861 Ann Harriet Franklin 1828-1924

Henry Joseph Walk 1854-1930

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