• AUDIBERT de BOUTTEVILLE 1708-1758, son of "Jean" and "Catherine" THUART, married to "Marie Magdeleine Louise" LE MAIRE in 1744
  • BODSON 1843-ca 1905, son of "Baptiste Jules" and "Louise Aimée" GOMET, married to "Léone Louise" MONTELET in 1878
  • BOUTAN 1802-1868, son of "Jean Pierre" and Jeanne "Françoise" FABRE, married to Jeanne Marie "Sabine" GARIE in 1841
  • sosa GUERRE 1834-1895, son of "Alexandre Maurice" and Juliette "Anayse" SERAULT, married to "Grâce Françoise Marie Magdelaine" DAVIA in 1857
  • LAURENT , married to "Virginie" AVIGNON
  • MEDER (de) , son of "François Joseph" and Dona "Maria Luisa" de MAGHALAES de CARVALHO-COELHO
  • MORACIN (de), son of "Jean" and "Marie" PLAISANCE de BEHIC, married to "Marie Françoise" DESNOS de KERJEAN in 1751
  • sosa ROSMADEC (de) , married to "X..." de QUILFISTRE