• sosa André 1625-1693, married to Anne ROUX.
  • sosa André 1695-1770, son of Simon and Louise BIZOT, married to Jeanne ESMONIN in 1724.
  • Anne 1793-, daughter of Jean and Catherine DENUIT.
  • sosa Charles 1737-, son of André and Jeanne ESMONIN, married to Catherine LHUILLIER in 1762.
  • sosa Jean 1741-, son of Charles and Catherine LHUILLIER, married to Catherine DENUIT.
  • sosa Reine 1795-, daughter of Jean and Catherine DENUIT, married to Louis BENETOT in 1814.
  • sosa Simon 1657-1723, son of André and Anne ROUX, married to Louise BIZOT in 1691.