Sosa :350
  • Born (23 FEB 1732/3) - Wallingford, CT
  • Deceased March 9, 1814 - Claremont, NH


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Individual Note

Source #1: Charles B. Spofford, Gravestone Records from the Ancient Cemte ries of the town of Claremont, NH, George I. Putnam, Claremont, 1896, p. 7 0, 72-74. (thanks to Judy Arthur!)

He lived in Bristol, Hartford Co., CT in 1757, Claremont, Sullivan Co ., NH in 1767. He performed community service in Claremont, NH on 8 Mar1 768. He came from Wallingford, Conn., in 1767. He built the first paper m ill in town, it being located at West Claremont east of the highway on t he north side of Sugar River. He was a prominent man of the town for ma ny years and ancestory of the family of this name in Claremont.

Source #2:

Picture of his home in Claremont, later a tavern. Quotation with photogra ph:

"This house was built in 1773 by Col. Benjamin Tyler as his homestead. M r. Tyler (1732-1814), a Claremont pioneer who came from Wallingford, Conn ., in 1767, was elected a selectman at the first town Meeting the next yea r. He was a superb mechanic, a renowned inventor, a prominent mill owne r, and builder of many local houses and barns.

Mr. Tyler's home was later a popular tavern owned by his son Austin, who d ied in 1844; Daniel F. Maynard, until he died in 1865; and Horace G. P. Cr oss. Additional details are on a bronze plaque attached to the building. E nlarged with two wings, and now an apartment building, the house is own ed by Mr. Snowman of Merrimack."

"...first dam and mill built in 1767-68 by Benjamin Tyler. In additi onto the saw, grist and flax mills, Mr. Tyler produced granite fence post s, cobblestones, and millstones, and slate tombstones, all cut in a stone- shed. The biotite granite was quarried on the east side of Ascutney Mounta in and millstones were shipped as far as Canada by ox teams. Benjamin Tyle r's patents are preserved in the Baker Memorial Library at Dartmouth Colle ge, and his famous "rye-fly" tub waterwheel, named for the similar whi ne of the fly, was a later product which revolutionized the power source f or mills.

Mr. Tyler's sons John, Henry, and Noah, operated the mills for a few yea rs and later traveled widely in the west and southwest, selling agricultur al machinery of their own invention."

Source#3: Donald Lines Jacobus, "Families of Ancient New Haven" (Rome, N Y: Clarence D. Smith, 1923), Vol III, p. 1926

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sosa John Tyler ca 1667-1741 sosa Abigail Hall †1741 sosa Thomas Beach 1659-1741 sosa Phebe Wilcoxen 1669-1758

sosa John Tyler  sosa Phebe Beach 1710-1740

sosa Colonel Benjamin Tyler †1814