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Lorsque vousverrez : "registre" ou "Voir registre dans mes documents", c'estque j'ai retrouvé un acte officiel (principalement les actesreligieux de baptême, mariage ou sépulture), donc ledegré de certitude est beaucoup plusélevé. When you see: "registre" or "Voirregistre dans mes documents", it meansthat I have found an original document (mainly a religious act likebaptism, marriage, burial), so the degree of reliability is muchhigher.

Lorsque lesprénoms sont en majuscules, cela indique que ces personnesne sont pas nées en Amérique du Nord. Donc, dans lamajorité des cas, il s'agit des ancêtres,principalementfrançais. When givennames are in capital letters, it indicates that those individualswere not born in North America. Hence, in the majority of cases, itmeans they are French ancestors.

  • Born about 1847 - St-Didace, Maskinongé, Qc
  • Deceased 13 June 1926 (Sunday) - Chicoutimi, Chicoutimi, Qc,aged about 79 years old
  • Buried 15 June 1926 (Tuesday) - Chicoutimi (St-François-Xavier), Chicoutimi, Qc
  • 1899 laborer


  • François SAVOIE, born about 1808 - St-Barthélémy, Berthier, Qc, deceased,
    1852 cultivateur

    Married in 1827, St-Cuthbert, Berthier, Qc, to
  • Marguerite LAMBERT AUBIN, born about 1809 - St-Barthélémy, Berthier, Qc, deceased

 Spouses and children

  • Married 5 May 1868 (Tuesday), St-Gabriel-de-Brandon, Berthier, Québec, Canada, to Émélie BRUNELLE, deceased (Parents :M Antoine BRUNELLE  & F Julie PÉPIN )
  • Married 24 April 1882 (Monday), Woonsocket (Précieux-Sang), Providence, Rhode Island, Usa, , , ,, to Anna BOUTIN, born about 1858 - St-Samuel-de-Gayhurst, Frontenac, Qc, , , ,, deceased 21 November 1905 (Tuesday) - Attleboro, Bristol, Massachusetts, USA aged about 47 years old , buried 23 November 1905 (Thursday) - Attleboro (St. Stephen), Bristol, Massachusetts, USA (Parents :M Joseph BOUTIN 1814-1890 & F Marie Hermine ROY 1823-1886)with


Individual Note

For the filiation, on the marriage record, the parents are François Savoie and Marguerite Savoie. But on the birth of their daughter Elizabeth, Joseph is mentionned to be born in St-Didace, Canada, circa 1848 which would make his mother Marguerite Lambert dit Aubin.


4 yo on January 1852 census
but the baptism has to be recorded elsewhere since the parish of St-Didace was created in 1853. Probably in St-Gabriel-de-Brandon where his older sister, Serase, was born, but I couldn't find it. He could have been adopted or the family moved to the United States for a few years since there are no other births between Sérase and Euchariste Calixte.

There's a death record in Chicoutimi (St-François-Xavier) registries for a Joseph Savoie widower of Anna Boutin, 80 years old who died June 13, 1926 and was buried June 15. There is also a death record on BSQ 1926-1996 for a Savoie (without a given name) who died the same day in Chicoutimi and he was born in 1846. The date indicated is June 1, 1846, but it's most probably an error with the date of his death.

Family Note

Marriage with Anna BOUTIN

Au mariage, la mère de la mariée est nommée Hermine Boutin.


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