• CHAMPAGNON 1885-1931, son of Jean Marie and Marie Mariette GOBET, married to Eugenie ROULET in 1920
  • CHAMPAGNON 1865-, son of Antoine and Jeanne Marie JAMBON, married to Eugenie Gustine VINCENT in 1899
  • GELET, married to Marie Philomene VOUILLON in 1912
  • GIRAUD 1897-1982, son of Benoit Joseph and Marie Felicie DUTRAIVE, married to Antoinette PROTHERY in 1937
  • LATHUILLIERE 1896-, married to Florentine VOUILLON in 1920
  • MICHAUD 1887-1914, son of Felix and Marie Pierrette SANLAVILLE, married to Felicie FAYARD in 1910
  • MONTEL 1861-, son of Benoit Guillaume and Madeleine DUCHARNE, married to Adèle Marie Antoinette CHAPUS in 1892