(Maria Catharina GOTTEMS)(Maria Catharina GOETTEMS)

  • Born 14 August 1877 (Tuesday) - Rincão del Rei, Rio Prado, RS, Brasilien
  • Baptized 19 October 1877 (Friday) - São João Batista, Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • Deceased 20 August 1903 (Thursday) - Rincão del Rei, Rio Prado, RS, Brasilien,aged 26 years old



 Paternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts

 Maternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts


Individual Note

Married name : LIMBERGER


  • Individual: Geni Welt-Stammbaum - Maria Catharina Limberger geb. GoettemsGeschlecht: weiblichGeburt: 14. Aug. 1877 - Rincão del Rei, Rio Prado, RS, BrasilienHeirat: Ehepartner: Augusto Limberger - 7. Aug. 1894 - Santa Cruz do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, BrasilienTod: 26. Aug. 1903 - Rincão Del Rei, Rio Prado, RS, BrasilienVater: Adão GoettemsMutter: Catharina Goettems geb. AllgayerEhemann: Augusto LimbergerKinder: Ana Limberger, Henrique Osvaldo Limberger, José Limberger, Luíza Kern geb. Limberger, Aloísio Limberger, Francisco LimbergerGeschwister: Leopoldina Limberger geb. Goettems, Bernado Goettems, Carlos Goettems, Carolina Maria Schifferdecker geb. Goettems, Luzia Limberger geb. Goettems, Luiz Goettems, Maria Luzia Goettems, Anna Alvina Lawisch geb. Goettems, Christiano Goettems, José Goettems, Idalina Kothe geb. Goettems, Nicolau Pedro Goettems, João Goettems - Record - 40000:95281824:

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 Family Tree Preview

Johann GOTTEMS, GOETTEMS, GOEDEMS 1798-1859 Carolina Margarida Noschang 1811-1890 Joseph ALLGAYER ca 1808-1875 Maria Catarina Cortula Leidner 1811-1890

Adão GOTTEMS, GOETTEMS, GOEDEMS War- Goettems 1834-1887 Catharina ALLGAYER 1837-1907

Maria Catharina GOTTEMS, GOETTEMS 1877-1903