• Born about 1756 - Cerda, Termini, Palermo, Sicily, Italy
  • Deceased 17 August 1816 - Cerda, Termini, Palermo, Sicily, Italy,aged about 60 years old

 Spouses and children


  • Individual: Personal - Monteleone, Donald Alfred - Family File of Don Monteleone - June 2007
    I received an email from Don Monteleone (a distant cousin) in the which he attached a PDF file containing the descendants of one Alejandro Mormino. I did not have any information on this individual who, according to my calculations would be my 3rd Cousin, 1x Removed. This file is in addition to the diPiazza file that Don sent me. The information appears authentic but has no source information to verify its contents. I will attempt to contact him for further documentation.

    August 6, 2007
    I contacted Don this evening. He stated that he has done very extensive research of Alia and has in excess of 10,000 names. I asked him about his sources and he indicated that ALL of what he has he has extracted from Microfilm that he has on permanent loan ( I imagine at a local LDS FHL). I will attempt to make a trip there to find out the film numbers and the exact location of each of the sources.

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