Sosa :2,185,756,692
  • Born (um 920 )
  • Deceased 20 August 997
  • Herzog von Schwaben, aus dem Hause der Konradiner

 Spouses and children


Individual Note

Konrad I. von Schwaben gründete das Kloster Öhningen. Cawley, Medieval Lands, Swabia: "The question of the paternity of Duke Konrad is discussed in the document FRANCONIA NOBILITY. Thietmar names "Conradus Suevorum ductor...eiusdem frater Heribertus comes" when recording their deaths. "Otto...imperator augustus" granted property by the spurious charter dated 13 Jan 965 to the church of Oehningen, built according to the document by "domnus Chono comes de Oningen" with the consent of "uxoris sui Richlinde, filiorumque eius Eggeberti, Luipoldi, Chononis, Lutoldi", although as shown below this list of the couple's sons appears unreliable. The Chronicon Salernitanum records that "comes Alemannorum Saxonumque...Cono...Cuneus alius validus...missus" fought against the Greeks in southern Italy in [969]. Jackman suggests that this refers to the future Konrad I Duke of Swabia, on the basis that "Saxonumque" is added because of his supposed wife's Saxon origin, in addition using this reference to date the couple's marriage. He succeeded in 983 as KONRAD I Duke of Swabia. Graf im Rheingau 985 and 995. Graf im Ufgau 987. Graf in der Ortenau 994. The Annales Einsidlenses record the death in 997 of "Chuonradus dux" and the succession of "Herimannus filius eius in ducatum". The necrology of St Gall records the death "XIII Kal Sep" of "Chuonradi ducis Alamannorum".

Family Note

Liutold, , † nach 999.
Hermann, , ⚭ Gerberga von Burgund; † 3.5.1003.
Ita, , ⚭ Rudolf II Graf von Altdorf.
Adelia, , ⚭ Vladimir I Sviatoslavich Großprinz von Kiev.
N.N., , ⚭ von Rheinfelden.
Kunigunde, , ⚭ Friedrich I Graf von Dießen; † 6.3.1020, ▭ Dießen.

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