• Né en novembre 1882 - Plantagenet (Prescott) Ontario
  • Décédé le 21 mars 1911 - Alfred (Prescott) Ontario , à l’âge de 28 ans
  • Inhumé le 23 mars 1911 - Alfred (Prescott) Ontario



  • Marié après février 1910, Alfred (Prescott) Ontario, avec Valentine Lepage

 Frères et sœurs


Notes individuelles

NOTE: I exchange data with people who have a interlocking marriage
into any surnames that interlocks into any of the branches
of my families.I started when I was 10 years old now 68years.

I am sharing my data in the interest of collaborative research.
I do this to help people to find there lineages and to fill
the pedigree charts.

I have not personally researched all families listed; dates
and information are subject to verification. Not responsible
for typographical errors misplaced citations. Missing
sources/references are because of my learning curve,not my
intention. You are encouraged to seek further documention
for your own confirmation.Further I have no control what
other people include about their families in any of the
data that they exchange.

If there are no dates about the living, then the computers
can not determine if the person is alive or deceased.
The sites set the living anywhere from 75 to 100 years
depending on the laws of the countries that they are in.

When I exchange with lineages the living are sometime shown
depending on who you are exchanging with, but my
request is that,if you update any of my data to the
internet, you also set the do not show the living,before
you update to the internet.

Also place in the source your contact email
address,and the lineage, so people can contact you
reqarding your update.

I have no claim to owning the data, except that which is
my immediate lineage, and even that is worked on by many
members of my family lineages. It is only as good as what
people put into it,that exchange with me. So look
in the notes of the genealogy for origin, if they put it
there,or the source.

If you are going to correct,update or put new branches on the
lineage your are inquirying about,please do not add from what
I have sent you,(This just duplicates how many more people
I have to find in the duplicates and merge them,edit your
notes to ensure that there is nothing there that you do not
want published.

Also do not submit information on copyrights that invades the
privacy of others especially for a relative that has not given
you permission to publish same.

Remember nothing is carved in stone except time.

The best way for me to describe the relationship, is for
example if you have 6,000 people in your data base
that are connected via interlocking marriages, and
you find that you have a marriage that is interlocked into
one of my people in my data base, then they are related
via interlocking marriages, does not matter how distant.
The difference here is that the interlocking into my data
base would link to over 631,749 people via interlocking

My hobby is working on interlocking marriages,to any
family surname that is in my data,and I exchange with
people to find them,and to assist them in finding lineage
that link into their families.

  Photos & documents

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 Aperçu de l'arbre

Jean Baptiste Leroux 1782-   Marie Josephte Véronneau 1788-1846            

Joseph Leroux 1810-1879/   Marie Louise Mailloux 1812-1891    

Ephrem Leroux 1842-1916   Julienne Marier 1844-1901

Octave Leroux 1882-1911

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