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 Charles Emile

  • Bourson 1891-1956, son of Auguste Nicolas and Marie Gayat, married to Marcelle Pauline Berjeaud in 1919.
  • Camblain 1900-1961, son of Alfred Désiré and Marie Célina Feutrie, married to Camille Virginie Joseph Mantel in 1923.
  • Chabanon 1882-, son of Etienne Auguste and Marie Antoinette Brun, married to Jeanne Georgette Bizot in 1903, Marie Antoinette Justine Cattelain in 1913.
  • Fiault 1897-, son of Jules Mari and Louise Julie Dupuis.
  • Fiévet 1883-, son of Désiré Joseph and Célina Heuclin, married to Marguerite Vanautryve in 1907.
  • Lodigeois 1844-1916, son of Francois Joseph and Angélique Joseph Lecritoire, married to Josema Vernet in 1872.
  • Marotel 1861-1920, son of Théodore Emile and Marie Adélaïde Gravier, married to Marie Alixe Berthe Salmon in 1890.
  • Monchau 1898-, son of Charles Victor and Gabrielle Marie Masse, married to Alice Léonie Racine in 1920.
  • Prévot 1864-1931/, son of Jean Auguste and Elisabeth Azeline Prévot, married to Joséphine Dubary in 1896.
  • Saulnier 1828-1900, son of Pierre Louis and Sophie Bienaimée Guyot, married to Fany Francoise Sarda in 1863.
  • Schmitt 1866-1928, son of Nicolas and Elisabeth Parentin, married to Marie Helissen in 1895.
  • Simonin 1854-, son of Jules Nicolas and Emilienne Paule Rochefort.
  • Thouvenel 1862-1922, son of Francois Basile and Francoise Thiébaut, with Marguerite Greiveldinger.
  • Thouvenel ?1834-1893/, married to Marguerite Joséphine Lamy in 1863.