• Geboren op 4 april 1800 - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
  • Overleden op 10 februari 1849 - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands , leeftijd bij overlijden: 48 jaar oud


 Relaties en kinderen



Amsterdam, witnesses Willem Weggelaar and Johanna Leonora de Wilden in the Nieuwe Kerk ( New

Church, still exists) by father Dirk Cornelis van Voorts. Died 10-02-1849 17.00 hours on the age of 48. Died in the Binnengasthuis( a hospital) on the Achterburgwal(address).Was living at address Palmgracht 1(Kanton 1, n0 4 are the addresses cadastrial information) The death was reported by Jacob Ritter(45) director Binnengasthuis(hospital), he was acqainted with the dead person and reported by Jan Christiaan Moeleman(34), known as banen bekende( I cannot translate this but Ithink it is an employee of one of the poor people's homes).The poor from Amsterdam that were not in a poor people's home but lived in their own home did get extra support in the winter or in the summer food or clothing from central distribution offices, these offices were called : Huiszittenhuizen.

In the period from 1836 till 1847 it was very necessary that Willem and his family got supported. They received support during the winter and the summer. They got peat( some kind of fuel for the heater), this is to be read in the database of the GAA number 239( community archives amsterdam). Son of Wilhelmus Willems Weggelaar( Willems is short for Willem's son, also shortened as Willemsz., and Willemsd. for a daughter) and Dieuwertje Klazes Son( also written as Divertje Claasen/Dievertje Claase Zon or: daughter of Claase)

Married at the age of 24, at 21-07-1824 in Amsterdam, witnesses: Willem Weggelaar( father) Simon Schaaps(39) (I suppose the profession ruiterwacht could be translated as cavalerist in the army, but I am not certain about this), Jan van Batenburg ( 55) employee ( not clear of what), and Gerrit Planter( age 65), I don't knmowwhat 1e kommisry(?) means, with the 22-year old Johanna Maria Huijberts Wijnbergen,profession embroidery maker, born 13-02-1802 Amsterdam, baptised 14-02-1802 Amsterdam,Westerkerk( Western Church, still exists)by father Anthonius Kuijper.

Daughter of Huijbert Wijnbergen( or Wijnberge) and Anna Arends Bolk. Johanna and Willem lived a long time in poverty with their children.It meant they had to live from the bedeling( means:central distribution office, as mentioned before).It is for sure that they received in the summers of 1836 till 1847 bread, and peat and bread during the winters from 1839 till 1848. Willem did not survive the winter of 1849.


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Huwelijken Johanna Maria Wijnbergen

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 Overzicht van de stamboom

Evert Wecheler 1699-1767   Elisabeth Thijeenk 1710-1767   Dirck de Wilde   Sijbregta Wigman        


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Willem Weggelaar 1737-1810   Johanna Leonora de Wilde 1740-1810   ? ?   Barbera Tallingz


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Willem Weggelaar 1772-   Dievertje Claase Zon 1774-

Willem Weggelaar 1800-1849

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