• Geboren op 23 juni 1944 - Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
  • Overleden op 18 mei 2005 - Kalamunda, WA, Australia , leeftijd bij overlijden: 60 jaar oud




Obituary in the Mundaring Magazine, Vol 9 Number 4

Robert Weggelaar was born in Amsterdam, Holland in 1944. They were trying times as it was towards the end of World War 11.Robert's father was a physical trainer for the Dutch resistance.

His parents hid Jewish people from Hitler's army, in the roof of their home. His mother had to move to Friesland because it was a neutral zone and their was more food and milk available there than in Amsterdam.

His parents separated soon after, so in 1955 Robert and his mother came to Australia on one of the first ships to come from Holland called the Groote Beer. They settled in Perth as members of Robert's family there.

Robert always wanted to be a radio announcer but in the 60's in Australia it wasn't fashionable to have an accent on radio. So he settled for working behind the scenes as a radio technician for the New Zealand Broadcasting Commission and for the ABC in Perth.

Robert met his lovely wife Sita in New Xealand where they were both living at the time. According to legend, Robert saw Sita at the bus stop one day and asked a Tongan friend if he could set them up on a date. Nine months later they married in Tonga and would have celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary this DEcember. Robert and Sita were planning to return to New Zealand to celebrate their wedding anniversary.

Robert and Sita returned to Perth in 1967, and purchased the house in 1969 in Lesmurdie where the family still live.They had three wonderful daughters, Petrina, Feona and Sita-Ema. After residing in an all femaile household for many years, Robert was blessed with three gradsons.

Robert's passion for music, comedy and sci-fi was a huge influence on his family. They got used to all the varieties of music that Robert enjoyed from the 'Meow' songs to 'popcorn' guitars, synthesizers with all the 'bells and whistles'.

Robert retired early from the ABC where he ahd worked with many different personalities including verity James, lightening their load with his typical efficency as a panel operator. He was a boon to someone presenting a program ensuring everything went smoothly on the technical side in his usual competent manner.


Robert came to KCR-FM at a time when they desperately needed someone with technical expertise. Although Robert in his usual unassuming way always insisted he was strictly an amateur in that field,the radio station belies that belief.

To quote a KCR-FM committee member and long time friend, Norman Campbell, 'the first thing I remembered about Robert early on in our association was his bum and his feet, because that is all you ever saw of him. He was always under somethiing, wiring it, building it or fixing it.' KCR-FM would not exist without the enormous amount of hard work that robert put into the station, and he continued to maintaint he studios and fix up probelms until he died.

He was a clever and creative man, turning a large cupboard into a production studio, and a garage (with the help of cran Herlihy, Peter coulstock, Harry Nijisen and George Hackett) into a large studion whic is able to be used by people in wheelchairs. It was his pride and joy and is a tribute to his determination and tenacity.

Robert's dream to become a radio presenter was achieved at KCR-FM, and he had a superb voice for radio, andhis 'Anything Goes' program, was a delight to(sic), with his soft articulate voice and his careful production of his program.

Robert always took a great deal of trouble over his program, it was always based on a theme with one song, cleverly segwaying nto another. Robert set a high broadcast standard for everyone else at the radio station.

Many listeners will remember Robert as the 'Big Bopper' because he loved to play music reminiscent of the good old days of 'Rock and roll'. He was also known for his sense of humour, hence the 'Goons' had a regular spot on his program.

Robert Weggelaar was a man who made his dreams become a reality and along the way helped others achieve theirs. He leaves behind a loving family, dear friends and the respect of thecommunity, his legacy being a community radio station. He will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him.


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