Jacques - Jean, Jacques Jean


  • A
    • ABBÉ 1759-, son of Jacques François and Françoise CARRE, married to Louise LEMAITRE in 1790.
    • ALLAIN 1830-, son of Jean Laurent and Anne Marie Françoise ROUILLON.
    • ALLÉE 1792-, son of Guillaume Yves and Jeanne Olive FIERDEHAICHE.
    • AMELINE 1742-, son of François and Margueritte Thomasse MEURIE.
    • AUVIEL 1779-1862, son of François Gabriel and Michelle Jeanne RACINÉ, married to Jacquemine Toussainte SALMON in 1803, Marie Perrine LERIBAULT in 1818.
  • B
    • BARBEDIENNE 1785-1812, son of Julien Gilles and Jeanne CHENU.
    • BAUCHER (BOSCHER) 1764-1843, son of Jean Pierre BAUCHER and Jeanne GERVIN, married to Marie Jeanne Françoise TOURAINE in 1793.
    • BAUDOUIN 1725-1725, son of Georges Sr Du Clos Neuf and Marie HELVANT.
    • BAUDOUIN, son of Claude Thomas and Jeanne Françoise Louise DAVY, married to Julienne Jeanne RENAULT in 1777, Françoise Alaine COUREUR in 1783.
    • BEAULIEU 1746-, son of François and Françoise DAULT.
    • BERTHELOT 1702-, son of Gilles and Briande DUBREIL.
    • BERTIN 1767-, son of Jacques and Rose FÉSRON, married to Julienne Guillemette BOURGET in 1791.
    • BERTREU 1755-, son of Jean and Françoise LACHOUE.
    • BESNARD 1716-, son of Jacques and Julienne BEAUVALET, married to Perrine Bertrande GUICHART in 1746, Bertranne PERRIN in 1753.
    • BIARD 1739-, son of Jacques and Jeanne LANSARD.
    • BLANCHARD 1823-1863, son of Julien Augustin and Julienne Françoise BOUREL, married to Angélique Gabrielle Esnaux ESNAULT in 1847.
    • BLANCHARD 1776-, son of Laurent Jean and Rose Françoise BOUAN.
    • BLANCHARD 1768-, son of Olivier Michel and Marie Françoise Jeanne SAVOUREUX.
    • BLOUET 1792-1820, son of Pierre Alexandre and Rose JAGORET, married to Jeanne Marie BORDERIE in 1819.
    • BOIXIÈRE 1802-, son of Julien and Jacquemine GILBERT, married to Perrine Françoise PERROQUIN in 1833.
    • BON 1758-, son of François and Rose COUPÉ, married to Laurence HAMON in 1786, Éléonore TROTEL in 1806.
    • BOUGOT------(BOURGAULT ?) 1827-1879, son of Jacques BOURGAULT and Vincente Jacquemine JAUMET, married to Anne Jacquemine DELAMARRE in 1860.
    • BOUGUET 1743-, son of Jean and Barbe GOUESIN.
    • BOURDIN 1738-, son of Pierre and Perrine JAN, married to Michelle Marie Françoise METTE in 1765, Margueritte Françoise GIRARD in 1790.
    • BOURGET 1739-1787, son of Jean and Jacquemine PINEUF, married to Michelle LECLERC in 1765, Jacquemine ONEN in 1767.
    • BRIAND 1819-1827, son of Noel Pierre and Julienne Françoise LECLERC.
    • BRIAND 1805-1805, son of Julien Marc and Jeanne Françoise JAN.
    • BRIAND 1768-, son of Jacques and Hélaine HENRY.
    • BRIAND 1764-, son of Jean François and Thomasse Gillette Marie DUVAL.
    • BRIAND 1753-, son of Jacques and Françoise Marie BARSE.
    • BROUARD 1720-, son of Jacques and Jeanne CORNILLET.
    • BUSCHON 1739-1739, son of Jean Baptiste and Nicole THOMAS.
  • C
    • CHEVALIER 1793-, son of Jacques and Marie FROMENTIN.
    • CHEVALIER 1786-, son of Jacques and Marie FROMENTIN.
    • CHEVALIER 1765-, son of Jacques and Olive HINAULT.
    • COCHERIL 1801-, son of Claude and Marie BOURMAUX, married to Mathurine Marie Anne BESNARD in 1829.
    • COCHERIL 1779-1849, son of Jacques and Jacquemine TOUTAIN, married to Angélique FÉTY in 1813.
    • COLAS 1810-, son of Jacques and Claudine Gillette SAIGET.
    • COLLET 1778-1779, son of Jacques and Julienne Jeanne BOULARD.
    • COUREUR 1790-, son of René and Anne Françoise GILBERT.
    • COURTOIS 1798-, son of Jacques Julien and Jeanne LABBÉ.
  • D
    • DAGORNE 1810-1810, son of Jean Mathurin and Laurence Jeanne LEMÉE.
    • DAVY 1775-, son of Julien and Perrine Rose HÉRISSON.
    • DELAHAYE 1733-1742, son of Jacques Félicien and Anne Guillemette BOSQUET.
    • DELAMARRE 1775-1837, son of Jacques and Jeanne ROBERT, married to Etiennette DANIEL.
    • DESPRÉS 1774-1774, son of Jacques and Jeanne COCHERIL.
    • DROGUET 1784-, son of Jacques François and Julienne BRIAND.
    • DROGUET 1721-, son of Jacques and Gillette DELAMOTTE, married to Perrine MARIE in 1755, Françoise SICOT in 1769.
    • DUBREIL 1772-, son of Jacques and Françoise LOSSOIS.
    • DURAND 1800-, son of Louis and Louise JEUNEUX, married to Perrine HENRY in 1827.
    • DURAND 1787-, son of Jacques René and Mathurine HACHU.
    • DUVAL 1716-1716, son of Guillaume and Agathe Françoise LEMONNIER.
  • F
    • FOURÉ 1793-, son of Jacques and Jeanne LEFOUX.
    • FOURÉ 1719-, son of Mathurin and Marie ROUXEL.
    • FRÈRE 1779-1779, son of Julien and Laurence RICHARD.
    • FROMONT 1751-, son of Julien and Charlotte ALLÉE.
    • FROSTIN 1821-1883, son of Jacques and Marie DURAND, married to Marie HAMON.
  • G
    • GAULTIER 1794-, son of Jacques and Jacquemùine Laurence TROHIARD.
    • GAULTIER 1787-, son of Toussaint François and Jeanne Gillette JUHEL.
    • GAULTIER 1787-, son of Toussaint François and Jeanne Gillette JUHEL, married to Julienne Isabelle FROSTIN -FROTE in 1813.
    • GAULTIER 1713-, son of François René and Jeanne LOHIER.
    • GAUTHIER, married to Hélène Jeanne PUEL.
    • GERVIN 1773-1863, son of Louis Pierre and Gillette Jeanne GESLIN, married to Perrine Renée TRANCHANT in 1823.
    • GIDOUIN 1730-1757, son of Jean and Jeanne GIRAULT.
    • GILBERT 1736-, son of Jean and Jeanne Madeleine DESIS.
    • GILLET 1771-1843, son of François and Marie FAUVEL, married to Etiennette Olive Mathurine COUTE in 1798.
    • GLAMART 1752..1753-, son of Jacques and Louise BILLY, married to Perrine Françoise Rose LEMESLE in 1803.
    • GODEFROY, married to Augustine Eugénie Anne Marie Josephine FROSTIN in 1944.
    • GOUDÉ 1783-, son of Jacques Marin and Guillemette Olive Margueritte MARCHET.
    • sosa GRANDVILLE 1748-1792, son of Toussaint and Françoise GAULTIER, married to Laurence COCHERIL in 1784.
    • GRIMAULT 1795-, son of François Jacques and Angélique MULON.
    • GRIMAULT 1768-, son of François Alain and Thérèse GRIMAULT.
    • GUÉRIN 1751-1758, son of François and Perine RÉHEL.
    • GUESNIER 1702-, son of Joseph and Gillette GUILLARD.
    • GUYNIEU 1778-, son of Dominique René and Anne PELERIN, married to Françoise Perrine LE CALLIER in 1827.
    • GUYOMARD 1738-1780, son of Yves and Françoise Simonne BERTIN, married to Catherine Gillette LENFANT in 1769.
  • H
    • HAMON 1753-, son of Jean and Julienne GAULTIER.
    • HARDY 1794-, son of Jacques Pierre and Julienne JUHEL.
    • HENRY 1795-, son of Jacques and Julienne CULAS, married to Josephine Jeanne Julienne PONCEL in 1846.
    • HERVOT 1789-1864, son of Jean Pierre and Guillemette Hélène (Alaine) HERVY, married to Jeanne Françoise CORMIER.
    • HOREL 1780-, son of Jean and Thomasse HAMONIAUX, married to Adelaide Margueritte Jeanne LEMONNIER in 1802.
    • HOUZÉ 1710-, son of Jacques and Guillemette PORTIER.
    • HUBERT 1842-, son of Julien Olivier and Anne Julienne MARCHIX, married to Jeanne Perrine JAN in 1883.
    • HUE 1801-1871, son of Jean and Perrine POURCEL, married to Pétronille Guillemette MALLARD.
  • J
    • JAGORET 1733-1757, son of Jean and Jeanne Josseline LEPETIT.
    • JOSSE 1807-1829, son of Jacques Pierre and Claudine Simone TOUZÉ.
    • JOSSELIN 1801-, son of Jacques and Jeanne BOUEXIERE, married to Julienne Jeanne PELERIN in 1728.
    • JOSSELIN 1797-1797, son of Claude Louis and Jeanne Renée HAMON.
    • JOURNEAU, married to - Perrine DUBART in 1707.
    • JUHEL 1798-, son of Jean and Toussainte SALMON.
    • JUHEL 1774-1779, son of Jean and Mathurine MIAGA.
    • JUHEL 1700-, son of Jacques and Françoise RUAUX.
  • L
    • LANCELIN 1754-1769, son of Mathurin and Françoise GERVIN.
    • LANDAIS 1783-1860, son of Jean and Jacquemine BRUNE, married to Angélique Jeanne CADIOU in 1807, Anne Marie RADOU in 1820.
    • LEBRET 1751-, son of Thomas and Margueriite TREMEREL, married to Hélène Jeanne BILLAUD in 1784.
    • LEBRET, son of Bernard and Perrine LEGAULT, married to Anne ALAIN in 1789.
    • LECOUBLET 1783-1810, son of Jean Marie and Perrine Jeanne EMERY.
    • LEDEMESLÉ 1765-, son of Jean and Renée Perrine ESNAULT.
    • LEFORT 1808-1879, son of Charles Jean and Mathurine Gabrielle HUCHET, married to Jeanne Marie Françoise LEFORT in 1841.
    • LEGENDRE 1744-, son of Jean and Jeanne COLLET, married to Perrine LEPAIGNEUL in 1769.
    • LEGOFF 1727-, son of Gilles and Jeanne RELAND, married to Charlotte ROUXEL in 1761.
    • LEGRAND 1735-, son of Jean and Jacquemine FOUGIER.
    • LEMAITRE 1767-1842, son of Jacques Jean and Jeanne Perrine MALLET, married to Perrine Jacquemine ROUVIRÉ in 1796.
    • LEMAITRE 1720-, son of François LEMAISTRE and Renée THOMAS, married to Vincente Gillette HERVÉ in 1743.
    • LEMAITRE, son of Etienne and Nicole SAMSON, married to Jeanne Perrine MALLET in 1765.
    • LEMASSON 1701-, son of Jacques and Gabrielle ROUAULT.
    • LEMÉE 1776-, son of Jacques and Perrine NOEL.
    • LEMOINE 1788-, son of Jacques and Marie TARDIVEL.
    • LEMONNIER 1743-, son of Gilles François and Anne Mathurine COHAS.
    • LEPETIT 1716-1741, son of Laurent and Jeanne FUMELLE.
    • LOHIER 1696-, son of Jean and Françoise FELIN.
    • LORANT 1749-, son of François and Louise POULAIN.
    • LOUIESSE 1784-1818, son of Jacques LOUESSE and Julienne LEMOINE, married to Perrine Julienne JAN in 1810.
    • LUCAS 1776-, son of Jacques Louis Maurice and Perrine Julienne CHEVALIER.
  • M
    • MACÉ 1782-1851, son of Jean MAHÉ and Olive Julienne FOUCAULT, married to Marie Louise DELAMARRE in 1805.
    • MAHÉ 1706-, son of Guillaume and Françoise ABBÉ.
    • MALLARD 1806-, son of Mathurin and Renée Perrine DIVEU.
    • MENIER 1755-, son of Jacques René and Jeanne LESNARD.
    • MERDRIGNAC 1804-1829, son of Laurent Julien and Julienne Françoise HAMON.
    • MERDRIGNAC 1775-1776, son of Jacques and Jeanne HAMON.
    • MERDRIGNAC 1753-, son of Pierre and Michelle RENOUARD.
    • MERDRIGNAC 1738-1809, son of Jean and Françoise SALMON, married to Julienne VILLENEUVE in 1775.
    • MESFRAY 1853-1891, son of Jacques Pierre and Laurence Renée SAUTIER.
    • MICHEL 1785-1862, son of Jacques and Louise Anne LEMAITRE, married to Françoise CROLAIS, Adelaide Honorée ROUGET in 1812.
    • MICHEL, married to Françoise BUSCHON in 1847.
    • MORAND 1747-, son of Joseph and Angélique Olive Jacquemine LECOMTE.
    • MORICE 1718-1718, son of Isaac and Marie Delle Des Ronçais AVICE.
  • N
    • NOEL 1753-1790, son of Jacques François and Perrine Servanne CHOISY.
  • O
    • OGER 1740-, son of François and Michelle Thomasse DANIEL.
    • OUTIL 1807-1878, son of Jean Julien and Françoise BEDEFERT, married to Renée Rose Jacquemine RICHEUX in 1833.
  • P
    • PERROQUIN 1763-1763, son of Jacques François and Jeanne Mathurine HÉNON.
    • PIGEON 1802-1837, son of Laurent Jean and Laurence Mathurine GAULTIER, married to Julienne Jacquemine DANIEL in 1830.
    • PILARD 1753-, son of Gabriel and Mathurine BOURSEUL, married to Jacquemine LAINE in 1778.
    • PINCEMIN 1791-, son of Jacques and Mathurine ANDRIEUX.
    • PINCEMIN 1783-, son of Jacques Jean and Rose LEBRETON, married to Jeanne Marie FÉNICE in 1809.
    • PINCEMIN 1755-, son of Jean and Jeannine COUPÉ, married to Rose LEBRETON in 1780.
    • PORTIER 1767-1833, son of Jacques and Laurence JAN, married to Julienne Jeanne HERVÉ in 1799.
    • PRÉVERT 1743-1744, son of Jacques Laurent and Françoise CHEVALIER.
    • PRIOULT 1774-, son of Jean and Laurence HÉRISSON.
  • R
    • RAQUIDEL 1824-1824, son of Claude and Adelaide DELARUE.
    • RAULT 1769-, son of François Mathurin and Françoise Mathurine GERNOTTE.
    • RAULT 1746-, son of Gilles and Jacquemine BESNARD.
    • REBUFFÉ 1768-, son of Jacques and Françoise MOINET.
    • REDOUTÉ 1705-, son of Louis Sieur Du Pavillon -Noble Homme and Catherine SIMON.
    • RENAULT 1757-, son of Jacques and Anne Véronique BRIEN.
    • RENAULT 1729-1735, son of Pierre and Laurence ROZÉ.
    • RENOUARD 1830-1888, son of Simon François and Toussainte Jacquemine DELAVILLE, married to Marie Joseph Françoise ROUILLÉ in 1859.
    • RICHEUX 1740-1740, son of Guillaume Jean and Angélique GROSSIN.
    • RIOT 1763-, son of Alexis and Jeanne CHAUVIN.
    • ROBERT 1819-, son of Jacques Marie and Françoise Laurence ALLAIN, married to Jeanne Françoise BRIEN in 1863.
    • ROBERT 1774-1774, son of Jean Jacques and Julienne THOMAS.
    • ROBERT 1764-, son of René and Jeanne FROSTIN.
    • ROBERT 1764-, son of René and Jeanne FROSTIN.
    • ROBERT 1764-1794, son of René and Jeanne FROSTIN.
    • ROBIN 1760-1803, son of François and Julienne CRESPEL, married to Louise LEVESQUE in 1785.
    • ROCHEFORT 1833-, son of Jacques and Jeanne MOTREUIL, married to Victoire SAUNEUF in 1860.
    • ROUILLÉ 1833-1871, son of Jacques Pîerre and Marie Françoise HAMON, married to Jeanne Mathurine Louise JOSSELIN.
    • ROUILLÉ 1766-, son of François Thomas and Françoise SICOT.
    • ROULLIER, married to Marie Rose DURAND.
    • ROZÉ 1753-, son of Jean Mathurin and Jacquemine LEVEQUE.
  • S
    • SALMON 1727-1731, son of Claude Georges and Jacquemine BESNARD.
    • SAMSON 1783-, son of Nicolas Pierre and Perrine Catherine Gillette HERVOT.
    • SAMSON, son of Gilles and Jacquemine HERPÉ, married to Julienne BANASTRE in 1756.
  • T
    • THOMAS 1761-1761, son of Guillaume and Genevieve Anne CROLAIS.
    • THOMAS 1708-1766, son of Yves and Margueritte GLAMART, married to Jacquemine BESNARD in 1738.
    • THOREUX 1753-, son of François and Jacquemine TROTEL.
    • TOURTIER 1764-, son of René and Jeanne JOSSELIN.
    • TOUTBLANC 1821-1895, son of Jean Jacques François and Laurence GRIMAULT, married to Mathurine Anne GOUINGUENE in 1859, Jeanne Françoise CARRÉ in 1868.
    • TRANCHANT 1793-1795, son of Pierre Alain and Anne GOUINGUÉNÉ.
    • TRÉHOREL 1692-, son of Jacques and Margueritte GUYOMARD, married to Janne CHANDOISEL in 1721.
    • TROTEL 1796-1805, son of Jacques Jean and Françoise ARHEL.
    • TROTEL 1760-, son of Marc and Renée PATARIN.
    • TROTEL 1752-1825, son of Jacques and Jeanne BOUAN, married to Françoise ARHEL in 1782.
    • TROTEL 1744-1774, son of Bernard (Barnabé) and Gillette MERDRIGNAC, married to Margueritte Jacquemine FOUCAULT in 1762.
    • TROTEL 1719-1771, son of Gilles and Jeanne ABBÉ.
  • V
    • VERDEL, married to Marie Julienne CLOUARD.
  • l
    • le BORGNE 1707-, son of Julien and Hélène LEMAISTRE.
    • le DAGUENEL 1724-, son of Jean and Julienne HERVY.
    • le GALLAIS 1709-1711, son of Nicolas and Mathurine PANSARD.

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