MArguerite, Marguerite


  • A
    • sosa ANDRÉ 1644-1690, married to Julien Barat.
    • sosa Adam 1710-1768, daughter of Nicolas and Antoinette Thomas dit L' Esperance, married to Nicolas Poulain in 1735.
    • sosa Alips 1679-1713, daughter of Nicolas ALIPS and Marie ALIPS, married to Jean LATAIX in 1701.
  • B
    • sosa BAZARD †1679, with Léger SIMONNET.
    • sosa Bailly 1691-1733, daughter of JEAN BAILLY and ANNE TULPIN, with Jean Boulogne.
    • sosa Bastien , with Jean Latalize.
    • sosa Bedu 1749-1817, with Nicolas Ozenne.
    • sosa Bertrand †1700, daughter of Urbain and Claude Mammes, with Francois Dechanet.
    • sosa Bienaimé 1752-1817, daughter of Francois and Marie Mercier, with Antoine Clément.
    • sosa Biguet 1521-1600, daughter of FRANCOIS BIGUET and ELISABETH THOMAS, with Claude Thiéry de Saint Thomas de Taintrux (né branche De Lorraine).
    • sosa Blaise 1644-, with Claude Petit.
    • sosa Bour 1656-, married to André SIMON in 1670.
    • sosa Bourceret ca 1535-, married to Patrocle Mestanier in 1575.
    • sosa Bourceret , daughter of Nicolas and Marguerite Lambert, married to Nicolas VINCENT in 1713.
    • sosa Brune 1620-1691, with Jean Adam Schneider.
  • C
    • sosa CAUBERT 1647-1728, daughter of Antoine and Claude Lacordaire, with Jacques MATHEY.
    • sosa CHERRIER ca 1595-, married to Thirion CHERRIER.
    • sosa CLÉMENT 1810-1877, daughter of Pierre Clément and Marie Jeanne Collot, married to Victor, Jean, Nicolas MOUROT in 1841.
    • COLIN , married to François BURNE.
    • sosa COMMUN 1702-1777, daughter of Francois and Catherine Hamon, married to Louis LATAIX in 1726.
    • sosa Chaumont , with Louis DE LA FONTAINE.
    • sosa Coiffier , with Edme Gay Jeanson.
    • sosa Collet 1740-1796, married to Pierre Massonnet in 1768.
    • sosa Collin 1676-1746, with Claude Quantin.
    • sosa Collin , daughter of Joseph and Marie Latalize, married to Jean Hubert Honore in 1762.
    • sosa Colombier 1726-1778, daughter of François COLOMBIER and Anne COURTOIS, with Francois Royer.
  • D
    • sosa Dagerot , daughter of Claude and Jeanne Taillefumier, married to Joseph Saleur in 1707.
    • sosa De Stolpert , married to Robert De Vaulx de Sibret.
    • sosa Deguay 1578-, married to Guillaume Legerot in 1603.
    • sosa Desgrey 1661-1724, daughter of Nicolas and Catherine Saulnois, married to Nicolas VINCENT in 1681.
    • sosa Drouet , with Collot MARGUIN DE LIGNON.
    • sosa Durand , with Bastien WATTIN.
    • sosa Duval ca 1691-, daughter of Dominique and Jeanne Lapoulle, married to Jean Briancon in 1713.
  • E
    • sosa EDMÉ ca 1645-1706, married to Edmé PIERROT in 1670.
  • F
  • G
    • sosa GAHON 1681-1720, daughter of Maurice and Catherine POULAIN, married to Dominique EURIOT.
    • sosa GERARDON 1642-1706, married to Edmé HAMON in 1666.
    • sosa Gallien , daughter of Francois and Jeanne Le Receveur, with Dominique Sirantoine.
    • sosa Garet , daughter of Claude and Jeanne Simon, with Pierre Gerard.
    • sosa Gaultier , with Jean De Mandres.
    • sosa Gaytat de Favresse 1550-, daughter of Jean and Marguerite Jacobé de Soulanges, with Germain Le Bel.
    • sosa Gouillaud , married to Jean Grélet.
  • H
  • J
    • sosa JAILLY 1718-1787/, daughter of Nicolas and Nicole Therese Leboeuf, with Jean SUDRE.
    • sosa Jacobé de Soulanges , daughter of Noël and Claude Le Petit de la Chausse, with Jean Gaytat de Favresse.
    • sosa Jacquinot 1702-, daughter of Joseph and Claudette Biqueron, with Henri Lombard.
    • sosa Jaugey , daughter of Francois and Nicole Mariet, with Claude Lambert.
    • sosa Jeannot , daughter of Claude and Anne Pitois, with Pierre Poilpres.
  • K
    • sosa KIRCHMANN 1756-1784, daughter of Louis Kirchmann and Anne Marie Muller, married to Jean SIVRE in 1780.
  • L
    • LA FONTAINE (DE) , daughter of Louis DEMASSE and Catherine FALLOT, married to Etienne SAGET in 1690.
    • sosa LA FONTAINE (DE) ca 1675-1738, daughter of Claude and Jeanne CHARIGOT, married to Gabriel DEMASSE in 1704.
    • sosa LE CLERC, with François LARCHER.
    • sosa LE PAIGE 1627-, daughter of ANDRE and CLAUDINE VAULTIER, with Jérome HUSSENOT.
    • sosa LONGEVILLE en BARROIS GERARD (de) ca 1525-, marriage contract with Jean Francisque II d'Urville in 1563.
    • sosa La Fontaine (de) , daughter of Nicolas and Nicolle Gerard, married to Jean Claude peignard in 1729.
    • sosa Labourasse 1715-1788, daughter of Antoine and Marie Grandjean, married to Joseph Colombé in 1736.
    • sosa Lambert 1671-, daughter of Jerome and Simone Bouquot, with Nicolas Bourceret.
    • sosa Lapique 1620-, with Nicolas Habillot.
    • sosa Lebel 1585-1660, daughter of Germain Le Bel and Marguerite Gaytat de Favresse, with Charles Dallichamps.
    • sosa L´Hopital , with Didier Balicourt.
  • M
    • MOLLET, daughter of Elophe CHANE and Anne tOILLARD.
    • sosa Maltete , daughter of Pierre and Jacqueline Vautrin, with Louis Deschenet.
    • sosa Massonnet 1835-1882, daughter of Pierre and Marie Jeanne Harquevaux, with Charles Rémion.
    • sosa Maugras †1668, daughter of Michel, with Raymond Jonglas.
    • sosa Michaud ca 1645-, with Jean Biqueron.
    • sosa Michel , with Pierre Jerome Galland.
    • sosa Millon †1799, daughter of Jean and Jacquette Mareschal, with Henry Poignot.
    • sosa Montigny , married to Antoine Ramonet in 1725.
    • sosa Munier 1745-1815, daughter of François Lainé MUNIER and Marie CHARTON, married to Jean Baptiste MOUROT in 1766.
  • N
    • sosa N......., with Jean HARROUARD.
    • sosa Nimskern 1730-1792, daughter of François Nimsgern and Marie Rose KOCH, married to Georges Sivré in 1751.
    • sosa Noel 1710-1753, daughter of Jean NOËL and Catherine Desloges, with Claude Bourelier.
  • P
    • sosa PERTHES (DE) ca 1475-, daughter of Nicolas ( Ou Collot Ou Colet) and Anne Deschiens, with Claude MARGUIN DE LIGNON.
    • sosa Page 1705-1775, daughter of Jean and Jeanne Brigand, married to Francois Loye in 1734.
    • sosa Pelletier 1736-1813, daughter of Nicolas and Anne Bruncler, with Jean Nicolas Poissonnier.
    • sosa Petit, with Bernard Gerard.
  • Q
  • R
  • S
    • sosa SIVRE 1782-1833, daughter of Jean and Marguerite KIRCHMANN, with Nicolas Haffner.
    • sosa Serrier †1715, daughter of Nicolas, with Georges Lapoulle.
  • T
    • THIÈBAUT 1774-1847, daughter of François and Marie Françoise CLAUDE.
    • TOCHE 1600-, daughter of Nicolas and Françoise BOSC.
    • sosa Thomas 1650-1704, mother of Marie Vauthier.
  • V
    • sosa VERDUN 1703-1780, daughter of Jacques and Gertrude Gabrielle GUILLOT, with Dominique CLAUDOT, Hubert THIÈBAUT.
    • sosa VOINCHET, daughter of Félix and Anne Appollot, married to Nicolas VINCENT in 1738.
    • sosa Vaudoyer 1551-, daughter of CHARLES VAUDOYER, with Nicolas THIERY (R) DE LA MARRE.
  • W
    • sosa Weber , with Jean Blanchet.
  • d
    • sosa d´Arimont , daughter of Jean II and Poncette du Chanois d´Arville, with Jean De Vaulx de Sibret.

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