• sosa Alfred 1830-1901, son of Jeannette GROSSOT, married to Marie Victorine Roseline LOUCHEZ in 1867.
  • sosa Charles Eugène Alfred 1879-1958, son of Alfred and Marie Victorine Roseline LOUCHEZ, married to Victoria Marie Lucie BAILLY in 1904.
  • sosa Jeannette, mother of Alfred.
  • sosa Marcel Pierre Victor 1907-1976, son of Charles Eugène Alfred and Victoria Marie Lucie BAILLY, married to Juliette Adrienne NARCISSE in 1931.
  • sosa Marcel-Claude, son of Marcel Pierre Victor and Juliette Adrienne NARCISSE, married to Thérèse MOREL.
  • sosa Pascale, daughter of Marcel-Claude and Thérèse MOREL.