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  • Appoline ca 1790-, married to Jean Baptiste PAMART.
  • Jacques, married to Aldegonde VINSIAUX.
  • Louise, married to Désiré FONTAINE in 1919.
  • Marie Anne 1698-1770, married to François TELLIER in 1720.
  • Marie Anne Joseph 1789-1850, married to Alexis Joseph CARON in 1810.
  • Marie Catherine, married to Pierre BAILLON.
  • Marie Catherine ca 1761-1803, daughter of Philippe and Marie Catherine CARPENTIER, married to Charles POLVENT in 1786.
  • Maxellende ca 1778-1860, daughter of Jacques and Aldegonde VINSIAUX, married to Etienne MAIRESSE in 1805.
  • Philippe, married to Marie Catherine CARPENTIER.