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  • BOUVIER, married to Jean Baptiste BISIAUX.
  • CARDON, married to Anselme LEPINE.
  • CAUWET 1666-1734, daughter of Adrien and Martine BECQUET, married to Jean OBLIN.
  • DELACOURT, married to Philippe BAZIN.
  • DELAFORGE /1681-, daughter of Philippe and Jeanne BRICOUT, married to Antoine SEDENT in 1701.
  • DELHAYE /1677-1705, daughter of Jean, married to Albin MORONVAL.
  • DENOYELLE /1649-1689/, married to Jean LECARDEZ in 1668.
  • DESNE 1832-, daughter of Henri Joseph and Julie LATTU.
  • DRUESNE ca 1778-1860, daughter of Jacques and Aldegonde VINSIAUX, married to Etienne MAIRESSE in 1805.
  • GABET, married to Anaclet Jean Baptiste GAVE.
  • GARDON 1750-, married to Pierre Antoine GABET.
  • GOSSET , married to Julien Joseph VARLETTE in 1812.
  • LEFEBVRE, married to Pierre Joseph BRICOUT.
  • LEPINE, married to Marcel DRON.
  • LOURME /1669-/1690, married to Daniel FRANÇOIS in 1687.
  • MARLIER /1780-1828, married to Jean François DEMONT.
  • PRUVOT 1790-1843, married to Joseph LEFEBVRE in 1811.
  • RICHEZ 1686-1740, daughter of Jacques and Michèle LOIRE, married to Jean FONTAINE in 1713.
  • TOFFLIN, daughter of Pierre and Anne Reine FAREZ.
  • WANESSE, daughter of François and Catherine BREAS, married to Auguste Joseph COMIEN in 1879.