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    The records of the Huguenot Emigration to Virginia in 1700 gives Jean Pasteur and Charles Pasteur, and his wife. The relationship of Jean and Charles Pasteur is not stated and has not to this time been discovered. Jean and Charles were both natives of Gene Vois. Jean Pasteur settled in Williamsburg (as we have seen) Charles Pasteur settled, with the larger body of the Huguenot refugees, in Henrico County. The Henrico County records give the Inventory and Appraisement of the estate of Rev. Charles Pasture dec’d., taken July, 1736, recorded October 1735. (See Vol. 11, p. 930.)
  • In December 1903 the late Edward Pleasants Valentine made an attempt to discover the European origin of Jean and Charles Pasteur, the Virginia immigrants. On Dec. 21, he addressed an inquiry along this line to Doctor A. Pasteur of Geneva, Switzerland. On Jan. 18, 1904, Doctor Pasteur sent a very interesting letter to Mr. Valentine saying that he was unable to give any information whatsoever relative to the origin of the Virginia immigrants. Dr. Pasteur also sent to Mr. Valentine a copy of the genealogy of the Geneva Pasteurs from the second edition of Notices généalogiques sur les familles genevoises, depuis les premiers temps, jusqu'à nos jours (Galiffe). Dr. Pasteur’s letter relates that "the first of our ancestors, Anthony Pasteur, ducal notary, took refuge in Geneva, fleeing the persecutions by the Duke of Savoy against the Reformed, after his coming back into the possession of the Genevois (a country south of Geneva belonging to Savoy, since 1404) owing to a treaty concluded with the Bernese." Mr. Valentine never followed up the search further.
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