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Site internet de l'association des familles Pasteur / Website ofthe Association of Pasteur families:

  • Born possibly in 1680
  • Deceased in 1741 - Williamsburg City, VA, USA,maybe aged 61 years old

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Individual Note

Jean Pasteur came to Manakin Town on the James River, VA, in 1701 on the ship "Nassau", Captain Tragian commanding, having sailed from Kensington in London with 150 passengers, all Huguenot refugees.

  • A Colony of French Huguenots numbering about seven hundred, came with the Marquis de Ia Muca, to several places in Virginia. Most of the settlers are said to have come to a place on the James River, Powhatan Country, where the thousands of acres at land, which had been occupied by the extinct Manakin tribe of Indians, were given to them. They were all exempted from the payment of taxes for seven years and allowed to support their minister of the Gospel in their own way. The settlement was known as Manakin Town. In 1705, another band of Huguenots led by their pastor Phillipe de Richelieu entered the colony, some settling in Bath, some in Craven precinct and others on the Cape Fear River.
  • The Family of Rev. David L. Gardiner - Jean PASTEUR - Birth: 1644-1704. Death: 1682-1781.
    AFN: 1740-MG3 - John Jean PASTEUR - Birth: Abt 1680 - Of, Geneva, Switzerland - Death: Abt 1741 - Of, York, Va.
  • Will of Jean Pasteur; York Co. Va - dated Aug. 15, 1741; (perukemaker) proved - 16 Nov. 1741. of : Williamsburg, VA.
  • According to Wayne Williams, Jean Pasteur was born in 1655.

  • Family Note

    Marriage with Mary Blouet:
    in Virginia


    • Individual: The Family of Rev. David L. Gardiner; Sullivan Family;AFN, International Genealogical Index (1980-1997)
    • Spouse 1: AFN: 1740-MG3
    • Family 1: Valentine Papers; International Genealogical Index (1980-1997); The Family of Rev. David L. Gardiner
    • Spouse 2: International Genealogical Index (1980-1997)
    • Family 2: Valentine Papers; International Genealogical Index (1980-1997)

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