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  • Born - Williamsburg City, VA, USA
  • Deceased in March 1791 - Williamsburg City, VA, USA


  • Jean Pasteur, born possibly in 1680, deceased in 1741 - Williamsburg City, VA, USA maybe aged 61 years old
    Married, Williamsburg City, VA, USA, to
  • Martha Harris, deceased in 1744

 Spouses and children



On the side of Jean Pasteur, born possibly in 1680, deceased in 1741 - Williamsburg City, VA, USA maybe aged 61 years old

 Maternal grand-parents, uncles and aunts


Individual Note

"William Pasteur, a descendant in the second generation, probably of the refugee, was, in 1752, an apprentice with Dr. George Gilmer (surgeon, physician and apothecary in Williamsburg, Virginia, and the ancestor of the distinguished Virginia family of the name), and served as a surgeon in the Virginia line during the Revolutionary war." [Source]

  • Pasteur, William (N. C.) Surgeon 2d North Carolina, 1st September, 1775, to June 1776. [Source: Historical Register of Officers of the Continental Army p. 428:]
  • Dr. William Pasteur established his first Williamsburg shop in 1759. He then combined forces with John M. Galt and open the Pasteur & Galt Apothecary Shop on Duke of Gloucester Street.
  • Mayor of Williamsburg City, 1775-1776 [Source]
  • Dr. William Pasteur died March, 1791. In his Will he mentions his wife Elizabeth Pasteur, his nephew William Pasteur, his niece Anne Smith, and his sister Ann Craig, wife of Thomas Craig. Mrs. Pasteur died in 1792 intestate, and the fact that her sister Mary Stith, who survived till 1816 was her sole distributee would indicate that any children which she and her husband Dr. William Pasteur, might have had, had pre-deceased her. (Burwell VS. Anderson, 3 Leigh's Reports, 348.) [Source: Stith Family Genealogy]
  • From Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers. Vol. 4, p. 2285. William Pasteur (son of Jean and Martha (Harris) Pasteur) of Williamsburg, Virginia. As early as 1752 he was an apprentice under Dr. George Gilmer, apothecary and surgeon in Williamsburg. After concluding his "apprenticeship" William Pasteur entered on the practice of medicine and surgery. In 1767 and later years he had an apothecary shop in Williamsburg and in 1775 he and Doctor Galt formed a partnership for the practice of "physic and surgery". In 1773 Doctor Pasteur was chosen an alderman for the town. In December 1774, he was a member of the Williamsburg Committee of Safety, and in December, 1775, was chosen mayor of Williamsburg. Dr. Pasteur was a surgeon in the Revolutionary War. [Source: Stith Family Genealogy]
  • Vol. 4, p. 2286. William Pasteur died 1791; md. Elizabeth daughter of Rev. William St ith and had issue:
    1. William Stith Pasteur, baptized Nov. 12, 1762; died young. Source: Stith Family Genealogy]

  •  Sources

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     Family Tree Preview

      Thomas Harris 1650- Mary Jefferson

    Jean Pasteur ?1680-1741 Martha Harris †1744

    William Pasteur, Dr. †1791