Marie Louise, Marie louise

  • AUBERT 1854-/1908, daughter of François Antoine and Victoire VERRIER, married to Francis Joseph GOT in 1884
  • CASTAGNIER, daughter of Charles-Pierre and Marguerite BILLARD
  • CHARPINE 1896-1907, daughter of Simon and Philomène BELLEMIN
  • CHARPINE 1866-1876, daughter of Claude and Magdelaine CHATELAIN
  • FRANDIN 1829-1903, daughter of Pierre Antoine and Magdelaine MONTFALCON, married to Charles Joseph PERNET in 1847
  • LASSERRE ca 1837, daughter of Jean and Jeanne DUPRAT, married to Jacques DRUELLE in 1865
  • PERNET 1851-1928, daughter of Charles Joseph and Marie Louise FRANDIN