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Heiress of Faucigny

  • Born in 1179 - Chêne-Bougeries, Genève, Switzerland
  • Deceased April 8, 1257 - Isere, Rhone-Alpes, France,aged 78 years old


 Spouses and children



On the side of sosa WILLIAM DE GENEVE, Count of Geneva 1132-1195



Individual Note

Margaret of Geneva (died 1252) was the daughter of William I, Count of Geneva, and Beatrice de Faucigny. She was supposed to become the third wife of Philip II of France but was abducted by Thomas I of Savoy in 1195, while on her way to Paris. Thomas then married her himself, claiming that Philip II was already married (the French King had married Ingeborg of Denmark in 1193 but had repudiated her soon thereafter).

She was the direct matrilineal ancestor of Mary, Queen of Scots.

The children of Marguerite and Thomas I of Savoy were:

Amadeus IV of Savoy (1197-1253)
Humbert (d. 1223)
Thomas, Count of Flanders, count in Piedmont
Aimone (d. 1237), Lord of Chablais
William of Savoy, Bishop of Valence and Dean of Vienne
Amadeus of Savoy, Bishop of Maurienne
Peter II of Savoy, Earl of Richmond and later disputed count of Savoy
Philip I of Savoy, archbishop of Lyon, later Count Palatine of Burgundy by marriage and disputed count of Savoy in 1268
Boniface of Savoy, Archbishop of Canterbury
Beatrice of Savoy (1205 - 4 January 1267), wife of Ramon Berenguer IV, Count of Provence. She was married in 1219 and was mother to four queens consort and maternal grandmother of Philip III of France and Edward I of England
Alasia of Savoy (d. 1250), abbess of St Pierre, Lyon
Agatha of Savoy (d. 1245), abbess of St Pierre, Lyon
Margaret of Savoy (d. 1273), wife of Hartmann I of Kyburg
Avita of Savoy (1215-92), wife of Baldwin de Redvers, 7th Earl of Devon and later of Robert Aguillon (d. 1286)
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Abbaye de Hautecombe
Departement de la Savoie
Rhone-Alpes, France

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sosa AMADEUS DE GENEVE 1100-1178 sosa MATHILDE DE CUISEAUX 1119-1157  

sosa WILLIAM DE GENEVE, Count of Geneva 1132-1195 sosa BEATRIX DE FAUCIGNY 1150-1180

sosa MARGUERITE DE GENEVE, Heiress of Faucigny 1179-1257