• Born in 1246 - Chambéry, Savoie, Rhône-Alpes, France
  • Deceased May 16, 1282 - Wounded in Battle,aged 36 years old


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Count Thomas III (c. 1246 - 16 May 1282), called Thomas of Savoy or de Savoie, was the lord of Piedmont and a claimant to the county of Savoy from 1268.

He was the eldest son of Thomas II of Savoy and Beatrice di Fieschi, niece of Pope Innocent IV.

Upon the death of his father, Thomas became Count in his paternal estates in Piedmont.

When his first cousin Boniface, Count of Savoy died in 1263, the 15-year-old Thomas regarded himself as the successor of the deceased, and claimed the county and the headship of the house. However, his late father's younger brother Peter of Savoy, a sonless nobleman who had resided in England for much of his life, was recognized as count. After Peter's death in 1268, Thomas continued his claim although Philip of Savoy, archbishop of Lyon, the youngest surviving brother of his father and also sonless, succeeded in the county and was recognized.

Thomas' eldest son and heir Thomas III felt an injustice in being surpassed by younger brothers of his father, and claimed unsuccessfully Savoy from his uncles.

Thomas III married in 1274 to Guia of Burgundy, the stepdaughter of his uncle Philip I of Savoy and they had five children:

Philip, first of the line of Savoy-Achaea, lasting from 1285 to 1418
Philip and Thomas were in dispute much of their reigns 1268-82. Thomas' marriage was a rather unsuccessful attempt to patch up things and get Philip to recognize hims as the successor in Savoy, which would have belonged to Thomas, him being the eldest son of Thomas II and thus the founder of the genealogically senior line of the House of Savoy.

However, ultimately count Philip made Amadeus V of Savoy (1249-1323), the next younger brother of Thomas III as his heir in Savoy. Amadeus founded the line of Counts of Savoy which continues to modern days and until 1418, the extinction of Thomas III's line, was genealogically a cadet branch of this House.

Thomas III was fatally wounded in a border dispute with Humbert I of Viennois in 1282.
SOURCE: Wikipedia

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sosa THOMAS DE SAVOY, Count of Savoy & Maurienne  sosa MARGUERITE DE GENEVE, Heiress of Faucigny 1179-1257  

Thomas DE SAVOY, Count of Flanders 1199- Beatrix DI FIESCHI 1225-1283

Thomas DE SAVOY 1246-1282