François Claude, François-Claude

  • BREIL de RAYS (DU) 1643/-1682, son of Jean and Louise DU QUENGO.
  • COLICHON 1736-, son of Jean Baptiste and Marguerite FARCY.
  • HARANS 1697-1697, son of Thobie and Roberde Janne CHESNEL.
  • MARGUERY 1720-, son of Claude and Anne FARCY, with Marie Thérèse TOLLÉ.
  • MAUTE, with Marie Louise PICHOIS.
  • ROBERT, married to Guyonne JAMOAYS in 1697.
  • THEBAULT 1756-, son of Claude Olivier and Marie LEBRETON.
  • TRIGORY 1762-, son of Jan and Angélique LAINÉ, married to Perrine LAURENT in 1787.