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Je cherche mon père

et c'est moi que je trouve.

Car le passé est sans remèdes. ( Tomi UNGERER )

 Marie Françoise, Marie-Françoise

  • ANDLAUER 1800-1849, married to François Joseph SCHNELL in 1820
  • CHARTON ca 1792-, married to Jean Baptiste GANIER in 1811
  • CHARTON ca 1748-, married to Nicolas GANIER
  • DROUOT ca 1717-1793 Marie Françoise dit LAMARCHE
  • GAGNIERE 1758-1813, daughter of Michel and Anne Marie LATSCHAT, married to Jean Martin DENILAUER in 1790
  • GANIER 1812-1879, daughter of Joseph Placide and Anne Marie Catherine OURY, married to Jean Hubert FREMIOT in 1833
  • GANIER 1795-, daughter of Nicolas Joseph Pascal and Marie-Jeanne MARTIN, married to Charles SAYER in 1819
  • GANIER 1789-, daughter of Jean François and Marie Catherine CHARTON, married to François BASTIEN in 1810, Jean Georges ESZ in 1818
  • GANIER 1778-1784, daughter of Michel Joseph le Vieux and Marguerite RICHARD
  • GANIER 1777-1854, daughter of Pierre and Marie Odile SAINT MARTIN, married to Nicolas RETZ in 1802
  • GANIER 1748-1807, daughter of Nicolas and Marie Françoise dit LAMARCHE DROUOT, married to François SAYER in 1770
  • GANIER †1766, daughter of Jean Michel GAGNIERE and Marie Barbara THIEBAUT
  • sosa LAVAL, daughter of Hydulphe and Marie Anne LEGRAND, married to Nicolas Sébastien MOUGENOT in 1765
  • sosa NOLL 1729-1780, daughter of Joseph and Catherine SCHOTT, married to Jean WACKENTHALLER in 1750
  • ROBINOT 1820, married to Jean Louis CLEVENOT in 1845
  • SCHMITT 1811-1865, married to Jean Baptiste Christophe MOURLAM in 1829
  • WOTLING 1843, daughter of Prothais and Anne Marie HUG, married to François Xavier GLASSER in 1878
  • WOTLING, daughter of Simon and Barbe JONNET
  • ZÄPFFEL 1755-1842, daughter of François Antoine and Catherine Barbe PETTMESSER, married to Michel Léonard MATHIEU de HEIDOLSHEIM in 1775