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Bienvenue sur cet arbre familial - Welcome on this family tree. Ascendance (au plus loin) de mes enfants, et cousinages directs (depuis 1800). Les personnes vivantes sont masquees. Les sources sont pour la plupart citees -

  • Født i 1858 - New Orleans, LA, USA
  • Død i 1925 - incertain, FRA,alder 67 år


 Giftermål og barn


Notater om personen

Alice was born Feb. 10, 1858, at 902 Royal St. in New Orleans, in the Vieux Carre district. Her home, the Miltenberger House, is a city landmark, a beautiful mansion with lacy ironwork, constructed in 1838.

Her parents were Michel Heine and Marie Miltenberger. Michel was sent to the USA to open a branch of Salomon Heine's bank. (Herald and Radin mistakenly say that Salomon was Michel's grandfather; Salomon was in actuality an uncle.) Here Michel married Miss Miltenberger, who was from a socially prominent family in the city since early 1700's. The family drifted away from Judaism and became Catholic.

At age 16, Alice was taken to Paris by her father; there Michel's brother Armand was head of the Furtado-Heine banking house in France. Michel's sister Paule was married to the Duke of Elchingen, a grandson of Marhshall Ney, Napoleon's great general. [Note - In this, the authors of "the Big Wheel" may be in error. Paule was an adopted daughter of Karl Heine, and thus a cousin rather than an aunt to Alice.]

Paule, Duchess of Elchingen, introduced her pretty niece to French society. Duke Armand of Richelieu fell in love with Alice. They were married in Paris on Feb. 17, 1875. On Dec. 21 that year, Alice gave birth to Marie Odeon Jean Armand de Chapelle de Juilac de Richelieu, a son. Alice took a lively interest in charities, arts, and politics. Four years later a daughter, Odile, was born to the couple. The following year the Duke of Richelieu became ill while in Athens, and died June 28, 1880 at age 32.

Michel Heine was now permanently settled in France and joined his brother Armand in the banking firm, renamed Heine Freres. When Armand's daughter Odile married Achille Fould, the Fould family was brought into the business. Later the brothers helped found the Banque d'Union Parisienne.

Alice remarried Prince Albert of Monaco; he had been previously married to Lady Mary Victoria Douglas Hamilton; this first marriage ended in divorce.

Alice and Prince Albert were married October 30, 1889; the civil wedding was in the mayor's office and the religious ceremony in the Chapel of the Nunciature in the Rue de Varnenne in Paris.

The newlyweds entered Monte Carlo on Jan. 13, 1890 and the bishop welcomed them saying, "And you, Princess, who are a Christian woman par excellence, you who are the embodiment of virtue, charity and generosity, come and take your place at the side of him who, after having appreciated you so well, presents you today, at the start of his reign, as a gift to the Principality."

Alice did much good for Monaco, but left her husband and in May 1902 obtained a legal separation. There was no divorce and she remained her Serene Highness, Princess of Monaco, until Albert died, and then became the Dowager Princess.

She died Dec. 23, 1925, of a heart attack, at age 68. All the Grimaldis came to her funeral, as did her son, the Duke of Richelieu, her daughter who who married the Duke of Rochefoucauld, and many other notable people.

Source 2: New Orleans Daily Picayune, Nov. 17, 1889:

"The lady who was married yesterday to the reigning prince of Monaco is the daughter of a woman who used to live in New Orleans. What gives special interest to this wedding of Madame Heine, widow of the duke of Richelieu, is that it marks the entry of Israel into a sovereign house and testifies strikingly how prejudices of the past are falling under the tide of modern liberal ideas. The new Princess of Monaco is the daughter of Michel Heine, whose wife was Mlle. Miltenberger, and if the greater part of the members of her family are now converted to the Catholic faith, if she herself is apostolic and of that church from birth, it does not alter the fact that they are Jews by origin."

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 Oversikt over anetavlen

Heymann HEINE †1780 Marthe Eva POPERT      

Isaac HEINE 1763-1828 Judith MICHEL 1793-1874  

Michel HEINE 1819-1904 Marie MILTENBERGER ?1832-

Alice Marie HEINE 1858-1925

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