Marie Jeanne Amélie

  • BINET 1877-1958, daughter of Edouard Adolphe and Louise Augustine GIVELET
  • BOUVIER, daughter of François Marie Auguste and Marie Joseph Clémentine BLANC, married to Pierre Alexandre Charles Valentin HAÜY in 1854
  • CHAUSSÉ, married to Charles François DUVAL
  • JUYÉ de LABESSE 1837, daughter of Léonard and Françoise Rosalie CHASSAGNARD
  • La RIVIERRE 1861-1951, daughter of Christophe and Julie Marie BONET de SALELLES, married to Stéphane THORÉ in 1884
  • SAMIE 1867, married to Léon Jean FRUGIER in 1887
  • de BARAUDIN ca 1757-1837, daughter of Didier and Jeanne Pernelle de NOGERÉE, married to Léon Pierre de VIGNY