Marie Louise

  • BEUZEN 1825-, daughter of Mathias and Louise GOURMELON.
  • sosa BRIAND LE ca 1703-1744, married to Urbain COATALEM.
  • CADET 1888-, daughter of Hervé and Jeanne Marie LE BRIS.
  • sosa GLEVAREC 1863-/1926, daughter of Jean Paul and Jeanne Marie GUEDES (le), married to Yves CADET in 1884.
  • GOURMELON 1884-, daughter of Laurent and Marie Anne LAVANANT, married to Pierre LAVAGEN.
  • sosa MOULIN 1833-?1894, daughter of Yves and Marie FEREC, married to Jacques TERSIGUEL in 1854.
  • sosa SIMON 1799-1866, daughter of Jean and Marie Jeanne PRIGENT, married to Paul GLEVAREC in 1815.
  • SIMON 1799-1866, married to Paul GLEVAREC in 1815.