Marie Catherine

  • AMIOT 1764-, daughter of Jacques and Marie Madeleine Catherine DESCHAMPS.
  • sosa ARBOGAST 1804-/1862, daughter of André Andréas and Marguerite Margaretha Margarita GOLL, married to Nicolas Niclaus GOETZ in 1830.
  • BILLOIRE 1721-, daughter of Jean Baptiste and Antoinette BILLIET, married to Jean Baptiste CATHELAIN in 1749.
  • sosa BRACQ 1671-1753, daughter of Éloi and Marthe Mary Marie GRIERE, married to Jean DENIMAL in 1694, Antoine LAUDE in 1706.
  • FLAMENT 1680-1741, married to Maximilien LAUDE in 1711.
  • HONORÉ 1667-1751, with Jean GUFFROY.
  • sosa LAUDE 1707-1782/, daughter of Antoine and Marie Catherine BRACQ, married to Félix BEAUVILLAIN in 1737.
  • sosa LEFEBVRE 1688-1753/, daughter of Rémy and Marie Magdeleine BOCQUET, married to Jean Charles SENEZ in 1711.
  • LEQUIEN 1697-1785, married to Antoine GUFFROY in 1728.