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My name is Paulette (Richaud) McPherson.  I was born in Canada.  This is a record of many of my family members (not necessarily all) and includes ancestors and decendants of the  Dechief, Neau, Richaud, Guillemin, Gavroy, McPherson familes, and many others.  I have endeavoured to be correct in all the information, but constantly correct and update as information becomes available.

I thank all the various family members who have supplied information knowingly or unknowingly, over the years.  There are too many to mention individually, but I am particularily very grateful to three family members who have made much of this information possible.  Marie (Guillemin) Gavroy, my Great Grandmother, a prolific photographer, documenting who was photographed when and where, my Great Aunt Ernestine (Guillemin) Royer who also was a photographer/documenter and lastly, my mother Bertha (Dechief) Richaud, who faithfully collected and saved much of this information so present and future generations could know and understand their roots.


 Family Book