Family Book

 Reinier Willem Dijt and Petronella Bakker-Dijt married on 3.1.1963

Leon William Dyt 31.10.1963 married Margaret Ann Bridgman Children Riley Isaac and Austin.

Eric Cornelius Dyt 1.4.1965 married Nicole Tabuteau children Jacob Corey and Georgea.

Karin Barbara Dyt 8.3.1966 married Sean Smith children Laura and Danielle.

Judith Margaret Dyt 12.7.69 married Stuart Gaul on 16.9.1995 children Daniel 21.2.1998 and Amber 9.9.00.

Anita Petronella Dyt 14.3.1974 married Neil Poulton children Ellyn, Euan and Angus

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